How to choose multivitamin supplements?


A balanced and therefore diversified diet should in principle be sufficient to meet all the body's needs for vitamins. However, it often happens that our diet is not enough to provide all the vitamins necessary for our body to function properly.

It then becomes necessary to compensate for certain deficiencies by Vitamin "cocktails", otherwise known as multivitamin supplements. When to consume them and which will be the most suitable? Here are some answers

When to take multivitamins?

Although the great trend of the moment, in France or in many industrialized countries, is to seek better health through food, we are witnessing a real explosion in the food supplement market. Some are targeted for a particular goal such as having better hair, nails and skin, or reducing joint problems for example, others are on the contrary more general. These are often multivitamin supplements.

At a time when awareness is leading more and more people to become vegetarians, vegan or to eat organic, at the same time and paradoxically appear deficiencies in minerals and vitamins.

As you will have understood, the first cause of taking multivitamins is a dietary deficiency. Not consuming meat can therefore lead to a drop in iron levels in the blood, and if one follows an unbalanced diet with the elimination of fruits and vegetables, it will become essential to turn to the consumption of multivitamins.

The second reason for using several vitamins is general fatigue, which should then be compensated for with vitamin C and other minerals. Age comes next in third place since people over the age of 60 generally have difficulty "fixing" vitamins which means that their body is no longer absorbing them sufficiently. They therefore need to consume more.

Which multivitamin product to choose?

Faced with an increased supply of this type of product, which can now also be found in supermarkets, the question arises as to which are the best multivitamins currently available.

Several criteria can be taken into account, such as price, brand awareness, the variety of vitamins present and the existence of complementary products such as ginseng, omega 3, coenzymes Q10 or even guarana.

Before any purchase, you must therefore read the label on the back of the bottle which details the composition of each capsule. It is also noted there the rate that represents each vitamin or mineral in the recommended daily intake, the three famous AQRs.

This information is essential in order to avoid an overdose of certain vitamins which in too many numbers can have an unwanted side effect.

It is therefore better to seek advice from a specialist and know exactly the reason for taking this dietary supplement. Each situation will have a different composition and, although multivitamins are not drugs, they should not be taken indiscriminately and without advice.