Here's how to fill the void in your living room

Change of decor in your living room, you have decided to rearrange it. However, you are not satisfied with it, there is still an empty space that you would like to fill so that your work is perfect. How to do it ? These few suggestions will certainly help you.

Decorate with houseplants

With ecology at the forefront in recent years, finding a little nature in our living rooms has become a trend. Indoor plants have become essential decorative items to dress up your living room. However, your choice must be relevant so that your houseplant can flourish.

A humid living room will host, for example, a beautiful Boston Fern, which can even become a centerpiece. If your room is overexposed or has floor-to-ceiling windows, Areca, from the palm family, will bring you exoticism; if, on the contrary, it is dark, a Pilea Peperomioides will be welcome, introducing a note of sweetness to your stay. A cactus will be perfect for a living room open to the kitchen since it withstands temperature variations. A Monstera, the tropical plant par excellence, will fill the void in a large living room while a Ceropegia Woodii Variegata also called chain of hearts, will perfectly dress a narrow living room.

Place a corner sofa or a TV

Whether your living room is spacious or not, the simplest idea you can achieve is to place a sofa which will follow the angle of it, a relaxation area which will certainly serve you. You can even create a small lounge area in a sufficiently large empty space, for example by placing two armchairs there, a godsend for those who want to chat quietly.

A TV can also take up the empty space in your room, thus becoming the focal point of your stay.

Shelves or lighting with an original design

You can use the unoccupied corner of your room by placing shelves there that can accommodate your books, souvenirs and other decorative trinkets. This will allow you to have additional storage space.

Another option that will enhance the aesthetics of your living room, a floor lamp with a unique design that is sure to attract attention.

Set up an office area

With the rise of telecommuting or simply because you need a home office, arranging an office area in the empty part of your living room may be possible. You could have a small table, in vintage style for example, which would fit in the space available with a comfortable chair, and voila.

Set up a reading corner

A comfortable armchair and a pretty, stylish little table will do the trick to furnish the empty corner of your living room. In this way, you will have a cozy and pleasant reading corner where you can fully enjoy your captivating novels of the moment, your newspapers and other magazines.

Install a chimney

Depending on your style of decoration, you can also transform this space that you will like to fill into a warm place, by installing a beautiful fireplace with a decorated mantel. Do not hesitate to add suitable lighting that will add to the charm of your living room.