Gate motorization: the systems to remember

Gate Motorization

The gate motorization makes life easier for the inhabitants of the houses because the "comings and goings" for the opening and closing of the gates are prohibited. The choice of an automatic portal raises many questions as well as answers, of which here is an anthology.

Which gate is compatible with the motorization?

The door operator is not done with just any type of gate. Indeed, a PVC gate for example does not lend itself at all to the resistance required by the fixing of the door operator. Thus, it is preferable in this case to choose a sliding gate that is much more resistant than the swing model. Apart from this choice, it is also important to check the input measurements, to choose the type of motorization (underground or semi-underground) without forgetting the standards in force.

Which motorization system for the two-leaf gate?

Two automatic systems exist for opening the two-leaf gate. On the one hand, there is the cylinder engine characterized by its discretion and its ultra compact appearance. The actuator motorization is installed on a post or wall in the direction of the extension of the gate. It can also be implemented on a wall perpendicular to the door. This type of work requires enough solid fasteners for easy traction.
On the other hand, there is the hand-operated gate motor, which impresses with its speed and imposing shape. It harmonizes perfectly with all kinds of gate and its pulling mode facilitates the movement of the leaves. Very practical for medium and heavy gates, this device uses less fixings.
The choice of one or the other of these devices must be guided by certain criteria such as the direction of opening, the weight of the gate, its robustness, as well as the speed. In any case, the actuator is the best alternative for heavy gates and confined spaces while the arm drive adapts to other applications.

What motorization device is needed for a sliding gate?

Even if the sliding gate is usually installed to receive a motor, it is still necessary to follow the same criteria stated above in the choice to be made. Then you have to make sure that thegate automation take into account the width of the aluminum gate as well as the "pedestrian opening" functionality. Among other things, it will be necessary to also consider the transmission effected by rack. Lubrication is required if the motor gear is metallic.
Furthermore, the engine unit must necessarily keep its rigidity while remaining flexible in the face of obstacles which may occur in the path of the gate. Because of this detail, the shape of the rail should not be neglected. The triangular shape known for its robustness does not retain any roughness on the surface. The round rail on the other hand protrudes more from the ground even if it is interesting. About the square shaped rail, it is less advantageous since it retains rainwater, ice, snow and other dust.
In any case, it should be kept in mind that a good guide rail promotes the proper functioning of the automatic barrier.