Do you know bubble saunas?

bubble sauna

The advent of bubble saunas has made them readily available to anyone who wants to own one in their own backyard. Their functional design, easy installation and minimal need for a foundation make them a convenient sauna for everyone.

History of bubble saunas

In the course of its long history of saunas, the bubble sauna is a relatively recent phenomenon. The first bubble saunas appeared in the second half of the 20th century, around the same time that wooden hot tubs were also growing in popularity. Some wooden saunas were built with an enlarged version of the whiskey and wine barrels, which made the production of bubble saunas relatively inexpensive. For its realization, it is advisable to call on a French bubble sauna manufacturer which will give you added value to your garden combining modernity and ancestral know-how.

At the same time, the unique and specific design of the barrel-shaped sauna is its greatest advantage. Due to its rounded shape, the outer wall of the bubble sauna is both a supporting structure and an inner wall, which saves a significant amount of building materials compared to a conventional sauna. At the same time, the bubble sauna does not require any ceiling beam and the ceiling can be installed directly above the bubble sauna.

The lower consumption of building materials makes it easier to transport bubble saunas: the installation kits are smaller and lighter, making them easier and cheaper to transport around the world. The most common way to market and store barrel saunas is in the form of an installation kit, which does not require a lot of time or skill to assemble a ready-to-use barrel sauna.

Due to its unique shape, there is no higher or lower bench in the barrel-shaped sauna and its tubular design gives it another advantage - heat moves and spreads evenly throughout the sauna.

What types of bubble saunas?

The range of bubble saunas starts with the simplest of saunas, with a capacity of 4 to 5 people that covers all the basic needs and up to 7 to 8 people. The dimensions range from 193cm x 180cm to 193cm x 210cm and 193cm x 240cm, with an extension to install a porch. They have been made so that you can enjoy a great view of nature.

How are bubble saunas made?

The outer casing of barrel-shaped saunas is made of heat-treated wood as the quality of a bubble sauna largely depends on how the outer planks fit together, creating a space wet and waterproof.

The planks of the benches are in alder, the door windows are tempered glass and the normal window on the back wall of the steam room allows you to observe the outside while enjoying the sauna.