Discovering some cities in Canada

You like to discover new cities through travel, why not take a tour of Canadian metropolises? One thing's for sure, you won't get bored on a city break in Vancouver, Montreal or Ottawa.

Vancouver, one of the must-see cities of maple country

While in Canada, you have the opportunity to begin your adventures in the country by visiting the city of Vancouver. The latter is located in the lower mainland of the province of British Columbia.It has a population of over 2 million and is considered the most populous metropolis in Western Canada.In addition, there are several reasons why travelers from all over the world visit Vancouver.Among many others, there is the discovery of the tourist spots of this city.Stanley Park, for example, is one of the places that brings together both foreigners and locals.It is a huge green space that stretches over nearly 400 ha.If you like walks, you will love this place.During a walk with family, couple or friends, you may have the chance to meet cute little squirrels that have taken up residence in the park.


Montreal, a French-speaking city to discover

For continue your stay in Canada, why not go to Montreal?It is the French-speaking city in the province of Quebec with a population of approximately 1,700,000.The climate is humid continental.If you want to enjoy your vacation in this city, come here in July, because it is the month with the hottest temperatures.In addition, among the places that you will be able to visit first during your getaway to Montreal, there is the Botanical Garden.The latter was designed by landscape architect Henry Teuscher and is located in the east of the metropolis.You will see an impressive collection of plants including cactaceae, bromeliad, gesneriaceae, bonsai, orchids, ferns, lilacs, begonias ... In addition, the Jean-Talon market located in the district of Little Italy is an address not to be missed for shopping enthusiasts.They sell products of all kinds such as fruits, vegetables, cheeses, flowers, etc.

Ottawa, the Canadian capital

After Vancouver, why not end your Canada trip in Ottawa? This capital of the territory is located in the east of the province of Ontario, on the south shore of the Ottawa River. For the record, it was created in 1826, the same year that we built the Rideau Canal, a waterway that connects Ottawa and the city of Kingston. In addition, a getaway to the Canadian capital is an ideal opportunity to discover the tourist spots of the city. Among the must-see places to visit, there is the Federal Arboretum which is located to the south of the city. For your information, this park covers about 40 ha.