Single-family home construction: why call on a professional?

Building a detached house is a project that should not be taken lightly. Between administrative procedures, drawing up a plan and finding service providers, it can quickly turn into a real obstacle course. Who should you entrust with the construction of your detached house? How much should you budget if you decide to hire a single-family home builder? What can be the advantages of this option? All the answers in this article.

Calling on a professional is first and foremost to establish a contract

When you call on a individual home builder or CMI as House in Mediterranean France, you establish with him a construction contract of single-family house or CCMI which is regulated by a law in force. There will be mentioned:

  • The description detailed of your house
  • The delay of construction
  • The list of materials
  • The cost exact purchase
  • The key delivery date of your future home ready to move into

It should be noted that the single-family house construction contract is final. In other words, the CMI will have the obligation to respect it. under penalty of penalty in the event of non-compliance with the clauses mentioned therein.

The advantage of a single point of contact

As a professional, a single-family home builder remains the first person in charge of the team in charge of carrying out your project from A to Z. It is therefore important that this person has all the relevant skills (site monitoring, plumbing , wall and floor covering, electrical installation, masonry, etc.). In short, with a single-family home builder, you will no longer need to interact with several technicians at the same time. On the other hand, it is their responsibility to give you a regular report on the progress of your project.

Guarantees in your favor

Also stipulated in the contract, the guarantees ensure you comfort and flawless quality in the execution of your project. When you call on a CMI, you know that your home is being built under the right conditions while taking into account the deadline by the guarantee of completion. Of course, it's not just about finishing it, but finishing it professionally. In addition, if you notice material failures or non-conformities in the finish of your house, you have the right to ask your CMI to rectify the situation by perfect completion guarantee. And this can last up to ten years with the two-year and ten-year guarantees.

A turnkey house

Calling on a professional means putting down on paper your dream of building a house that looks like you and receiving the keys to your home ready to move into a few months later. It is the absence of worry in all the steps, because you trust an expert in the field through a contract signed between the two parties. Calling on a single-family home builder means being able to settle into your home and fully enjoy the warmth of your custom-built home.