Cleaning the facade of the house: instructions for use

Do you want to restore the original shine to your facades which are exposed throughout the year to atmospheric pollution and climatic hazards? It is advisable to maintain your exterior walls via a facelift operation or a simple cleaning to be carried out at least once a year. How to proceed ? Response elements.

Simple techniques for do-it-yourself cleaning

If your exterior walls are dirty, there are simple solutions to clean them like:

  • The soda crystals that you will mix with water. You can then use this solution to clean your facade with a broom and rinsing with a jet of water. This technique is also suitable for cleaning exterior cladding walls. Do you want to replace the cladding on your facade with the same material, but with better performance? Discover a wide range of quality coatings on
  • 5 liters of bleach that you mix with 100 ml of dish soap. Spray this solution on your walls, let sit for about an hour and then rinse with a pressure washer.
  • White vinegar to be diluted in water to clean a soil soiled surface. If these are stained spots, use household alcohol. Just dampen your brush with one of these two solutions and rinse the walls with a water jet.
  • An anti-moss product for walls covered with moss, lichens and algae. Just apply it with a sprayer or brush and leave it on for several days.

Professional methods for cleaning the facade

Do you want to get rid of black soils from pollution and other grime like soot residue and rust stains? It is advisable to carry out a hydrogommage. As this is a fairly complex cleaning technique, calling in a professional is indicated. Hydrogommage involves mixing water with abrasive powder to gently but effectively erase the facade. Its use is suitable for exterior walls made of concrete, brick, wood and stone.

Sandblasting is also a good alternative to hydro-rubbing. This is a dry sand blasting technique. It removes paint and other dirt from exterior walls. To remove varnish and paint residues, sanding can also be used.

Steam cleaning is also a technique widely used by professionals to wash exterior walls. This technique allows the facade to be stripped using steam heated from 100 ° C to 150 ° C.

When is a facade facelift necessary?

If too much of your facade is dirty or has major cracks, it is important to do a facelift. Moreover, the completion of facade restoration is mandatory every 10 to 15 years in order to prevent the deterioration of walls which are much too subject to Pollution. This operation consists of carrying out renovation work on the damaged parts, redoing the thermal insulation work, restoring the joints, filling up cracks, making exterior decorations, etc. To renovate the facade, it is therefore necessary to install scaffolding.