That's it, I bought my first property!

After 4 years of renting and thanks to my personal contribution, I finally became the owner of a house with a classic design. It doesn't have to be my dream home, but just the idea of ??having my own home comforts me. I therefore want to share with you a unique experience that was allowed to me during my first real estate purchase.

The click

Before embarking on the search for my future home, I took the time to consult a wealth management advisor who strongly recommended real estate investment under Pinel law. And just like you while reading this article this moment, I wondered what a Pinel device meant. A little tour on then prevailed.I won't expand on this, but I still want to give you the highlights.The Pinel law aims to promote real estate investment to individuals by reducing their taxes from 12% to 21%, depending on the duration.Roughly speaking, this is an innovative tax exemption solution.Then, the hard part was finding the perfect location, because I wanted a house that was close to my workplace and easy to access at all costs.For me, it was also important that the house was located in a quiet area.So I decided to contact an agency specializing in the field which quickly put me in touch with a real estate broker.Together, we visited more than 30 homes before we found the right one.Then place the various negotiations and administrative procedures.

A slaughter for taxes this Pinel law!

Acquiring my first property with the Pinel arrangement brought me a lot, especially in terms of taxes. I did the accounts myself and came to the conclusion that with this system it was possible to achieve savings ranging from 2,000 to 3,500 euros per year, a sum which, between us, represents a huge amount. I can also rent my house to my relatives and my descendants (lol, you have to see far). In short, I sincerely believe that this project was one of the greatest successes of my life and I wish you the same success. I say thank you to Mrs Sylvia Pinel for this prospect that allowed me to change my life, in a way.