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Difficult to make a choice for your new Automation Cam? We wrote this Came Automation special buying guide to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we have done our best to help you choose the best Cam Automation!

Our selection of automatic cams

Cam automation buying guide

Do you want to invest in a Came gate automation system in order to be able to control the remote opening and closing of your gate? The offer of gate operators is significant on the market. Your choice will be influenced by various criteria including the weight of the gate, the direction of opening, the type of gate, etc.

What are the selection criteria ?

Before making a test on the better Came automation, the first step is to know what type of gate you want to motorize (swing or sliding) and which brand to trust. The choice of brand will be determined by whether or not you want to motorize your entire home. If you plan to motorize your gate, your garage door, the exterior blinds and your swing shutters, look to a single brand. By opting for a single technology, you ensure the general accounting of each product and can control everything with a central control.

The choice of your new Came automation will then be determined by the type of door, shutter or gate you wish to motorize. There are currently on the market and the sites of Comparative different types of motorization: actuator, articulated arm, underground (or semi-underground), integrated and classic. Some work wonderfully on sliding gates, others are preferred for swing gates.

Which Came automation system for a swing gate?

It is on the swinging gate of your small courtyard that you want to install the better Came automation? The actuator gate motor will be perfect for your gate. In addition to being discreet, the actuator motor easily finds its place in small spaces. Make sure, however, that the gate is made with a heavy material such as wrought iron or aluminum. You will notice during a Comparative that the Cam with actuator models have a different power supply ranging from 24 to 230 V.

The articulated arm motorization will also be the best suited for your swing gate. The latter adapts to heavy or light gates and built with all types of materials (PVC, iron, wood, etc.). In addition to preserving your portal over the long term, the better Came with articulated arm automation offers a very flexible opening movement. The automatic arm system is easy to install and is suitable above all for pillars with large dimensions. It offers good value for money and will be perfect if you want to equip yourself quickly.

The semi-buried, buried and integrated motorization will also be the best suited for swing gates. If you want a discreet and aesthetic Came automation, launch a Comparative on the integrated motorization. As the name suggests, the latter fits directly into the pillar. To obtain a 180 ° opening, choose a buried motor.

What motorization for a sliding gate?

If you want to make a Comparative On the best motorizations for your sliding gate, a few points should be taken into account before selecting the model of your choice. In fact, sliding gates fall into two categories: self-supporting gates and rail gates. Each model has its own engine. 98 % general public gates are fitted with a rack with rails on the ground. Self-supporting sliding gates require a fairly powerful motor and are used more in industrial settings.

The classic motorization remains certainly the best indicated for a sliding gate with rails. The motor is positioned on the right or left part of the gate. The rack will ensure the movement of the gate. This model adapts to all types of sliding gates. Engine power will vary depending on the manufacturer and model. You can also equip your sliding gate with an integrated Came automation if you also want to focus on aesthetics.

What motorization for a garage door?

You plan to equip your garage door with better Came automation to save time and comfort? Here again, a few elements should be taken into consideration before embarking on a Comparative. The type of door operator will indeed be determined according to the layout of your garage, but also, and above all, the type of door.

There are 5 types of garage door: sectional, tilting, roll-up, swing and sliding. Like the choice of the Came automation for your gate, the choice will be determined according to the characteristics of your garage door. If you have a swing garage door (with two panels), choose an articulated arm operator.  

Do you have a tilting or sectional garage door? Make a test on rack and pinion motors. This model has two rails positioned on a wall or fixed to the ceiling. The axial tubular motorization is, for its part, reserved for roll-up doors.

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