Take advantage of the reduced VAT for the purchase of an apartment

buy new home

Buying a home is a long-term investment that needs to be thought about at length. Find out in the rest of this article the advantages of buying new !

Indeed, several options must be analyzed, starting with the type of property you are going to acquire. Often people think that buying an old apartment, for example, is a better deal because the price will be important than buying a new home. However, we must not forget that old buildings often need to be insulated and that sometimes expensive work may be required. To avoid ending up with unexpected expenses, why not just buy a new home? All the conditions are right now for you to make a reliable and profitable investment.

Reduced VAT which saves money

ANRU is the name given to areas in which housing is located which can be purchased while benefiting from reduced VAT. The rate will then be 5.5%, instead of 20% in normal times. Note that if the accommodation you plan to acquire is located at a distance ranging from 300 to 500 meters from an ANRU zone, you will still be able to benefit from the VAT reduction, which will not be 5.5% but by 7%.

For housing to be eligible, it must not only be located in the ANRU zone, it must also have a building permit filed before December 31, 2013. Otherwise, the VAT reduction will not apply.

Criteria linked to the resources of the household wishing to acquire a property should also be examined. Ceilings exist and differ depending on the geographical area in which you are located.

A zero-rate loan that represents a great opportunity

By buying a new home that meets certain energy criteria to make it your main residence, you can benefit from a zero-interest loan to finance part of your investment. Various data will be examined in order to determine whether or not you can benefit from this most interesting credit, in particular the composition of the household, the income of this one or the location of the accommodation. You will also not be able to benefit from this loan if you were already the owner of your home during the two years preceding this new investment.

A significant tax reduction

The Pinel law is also a device that may interest you.Not always compatible with the two elements presented previously, it can however be very useful.Indeed, since 2015, you can benefit from a tax reduction ranging from 12 to 21% of the purchase price of the accommodation depending on the length of time you agree to offer it for rent.This represents great savings in the long run and can allow you to invest more regularly if your means allow it.Also note that you will not need to benefit from very large contributions given the fact that your credit, already very advantageous, can be repaid at least in part thanks to the rents paid by the tenants.