Bathroom: tightness is important


It is important that the walls in your bathroom are waterproof. Otherwise, you may have big problems like mold, leaks, humidity and many more things that you wouldn't have with Boisbriand barn wood.

To avoid this type of problem, there are several options available to you to replace the bathroom walls with waterproof ones, taking into account not only the price, but also the material, color, pattern or system of. proper installation.


Traditionally, bathroom tiles can be made from a variety of materials, including marble, slate, ceramic, and porcelain, among others. Many people prefer tiles because they are more elegant and luxurious, although it doesn't have to be on a budget.

A wall completely covered with tiles will allow you to ensure the waterproofing of your bathroom and to continue tiling the floor for the same style. In addition, tiles can be purchased not only in a variety of materials, but also in different shapes, sizes, colors and patterns. Many prefer marble, stone or granite when choosing a tile for their bathroom to achieve tighter walls.

Acrylic wall coverings

These are the most common waterproof wall coverings in bathrooms. There are different designs, shapes or colors, which will fit perfectly into the decoration of your shower or your bathtub. Most of these wall coverings are also made of acrylic, are easy to install yourself and are very waterproof because no joints appear.

Laminate wall coverings

Laminate is another type of bathroom wall covering that can be purchased per piece or as a tile. It is very popular if you want to achieve watertight walls in bathrooms. Laminate walls can have a high gloss glazed finish or a more traditional style, which is a great advantage for combining waterproof walls with the rest of the house, depending on its style whether it is modern or more traditional.

The advantage of laminate wallcoverings is that they are lightweight, easy to install and can last for many years. They are also available in several colors and patterns, which is ideal for those who want something more original than white.


To achieve a luxurious style, some people prefer to install stone walls in their bathroom. Stone walls add a natural and exotic style by conveying a sense of relaxation.

The stone walls are waterproof and look good. However, real stone can be very expensive and difficult to install yourself, depending on the type of stone. Fortunately, there are natural stone tiles that look very sleek and modern; you will thus obtain watertight walls in your bathroom.


Another option for waterproof walls in bathrooms would be to install glass walls.

Although glass walls decrease privacy, they do give the impression of more space, which can be beneficial if you live in nature and want to enjoy the view.

The painting

When painting your bathroom, it is important to use the right paint. It is imperative to use a paint that covers well and is waterproof so that it is not damaged by water.

Waterproof paint should be oil based. Just make sure that the bathroom is well ventilated until the painting is completely dry.