Ants, cockroaches, mosquitoes… what are the natural insecticides?

Bugs aren't the easiest to kill. When you kill ten that day, sometimes about fifty will happen the next day. Insecticides based on toxic products are the most effective. But we must consider their harmful effects on both humans and the environment. Fortunately, there are natural solutions that are just as effective.

Against ants

Ants, because of their numbers, sometimes require the use of a repellant or perfect insecticidal smoke for full or partial spraying. However, it is always safer for the environment and for your own health to opt for natural insecticides.

You can compose a safe insecticide based on boric acid. This product is easily found in pharmacies. You mix it with sugar water. Sugar and acid boric will trap and dehydrate ants. However, be careful when preparing the mixture. Wear a mask and gloves to avoid contact with boric acid.

You can also use talcum powder which acts as a repellant. A trail that you spread in front of your doors and windows can prevent an entire battalion from entering your home. In addition, talc has the advantage of absorbing moisture and releasing no odor.

Natural mosquito repellent

A natural mosquito repellent should be a product that should not sting the eyes or cause respiratory problems. On the other hand, it must be effective in scaring away mosquitoes, whether during the day or at night.

The best repellants are essential oils. They contain active ingredients that scare away mosquitoes. Their strong point is that they are less harmful to humans. For a good result, useessential oil of mint, lavender or citriodiol. You can apply the product to the skin, dilute it in vegetable oil or diffuse it into the air by nebulization.

Although it is essential oil, it is imperative to keep it away from food, eyes and mouth. It should also be avoided to use it in the presence of a pregnant woman and a child less than 3 years old.

Against cockroaches

Cockroaches and cockroaches are known to be quite stubborn in the face of certain insecticides. But to overcome it, and in a natural way, it is still necessary to appeal to the properties ofboric acid. You spread a good amount of it all over the house, especially in the kitchen and damp corners. This product will dehydrate these pests.

You can use it overnight to kill all adult cockroaches. You then pass a vacuum cleaner to remove all traces of boric acid. Your children may swallow it unintentionally.

Reapply boric acid a few days later, when the cockroach eggs have hatched. 

Against fleas and bedbugs

Against fleas and bedbugs, the most recommended is the diatomaceous earth. This product is made up of tough microscopic algae skeletons. By ingesting them, these pests will suffocate.

The effectiveness of the diatom is rapid. However, you should use it for at least 3 weeks to see the real results. Just be careful with children who might swallow a small amount.