An easy move thanks to the rental of furniture lifts

You will be moving soon and don't want to break the bank. You have of course already asked a whole bunch of friends to help you by promising them a good meal at the end of an exhausting day but you might find yourself alone on D-Day when they will learn that your new home is to 5th floor without elevator! However, there is a simple and inexpensive solution which is the rental of a furniture lift.

Why choose to rent a furniture lifter?

In Paris and its neighboring departments, the cost of moving has become a real obstacle to mobility. Many households therefore have no other choice but to carry out their move themselves, but it is not always possible to do everything themselves.

However, there may be technical barriers when the staircase is too narrow, there is no elevator, or your floor is really too high. Certain condominium regulations sometimes require that nothing be passed on the stairs or elevators to avoid material damage in the common areas. The miracle solution then passes by the rental of a furniture lifter in Paris and its suburbs. There are thus specialized companies which will provide you with a furniture lift which consists of a sort of large folding ladder equipped with a lifting platform. You can rent this equipment for as little as one hour.

The rental company will take care of everything and will even seek the necessary permits from the road network to park in front of the building.

If you live in a building on a courtyard, there is also a suitable solution thanks to the lifting ladder which can be installed anywhere and takes up very little floor space. It is even possible to position it directly on the sidewalk. You will therefore no longer have any excuse to carry out your move yourself like a real pro without having to solicit your entourage again.

Which furniture lift to choose?

To determine the most suitable device for your configuration, call on a furniture lift rental specialist located in Paris and its suburbs. You can send him a photo of the building and the street by email in order to get a personalized quote. The floor will of course be taken into account when choosing the right furniture lifter for your move.

The other criterion is also the weight and volume of the furniture to be transported, as some walkways or platforms are limited in terms of the maximum acceptable load. Therefore, do not choose a furniture lift blind without seeking advice from a specialist in this type of machine.

Once there, the rental company will install the device for you and show you how it works. Also remember to take out liability insurance in the event of a problem to cover yourself in the event of a possible fall of objects that would injure a third party. Contact the insurance company for each of your homes, the one you are leaving and the new one, to find out if this risk is covered. This will prevent you from spending unnecessary money. Then all that's left is to wish you a safe move and your game!