Access to information systems professions: which training framework to choose?

The information systems sector has experienced impressive development for several years. New companies are emerging and making their expertise available to their clients.

However, companies in this sector are facing a serious problem: the lack of operational collaborators ready to enter a business. Based on this reality, the employment village was created to train young people with a Bac 2 level, whether in fields related to computer science or not. Are you looking for practical training that will open the doors to a job in a company? Discover here the employment village, a suitable setting for training in information systems professions.

Employment village: a partnership between young graduates and trainers

The employment village is a training program that is proving very beneficial, especially for young graduates. Indeed, the laureates (young graduates selected) follow a very well-provided training, which makes them operational and able to enter companies in the information systems sector. During training, all the skills, abilities and aptitudes required to become a seasoned professional are instilled in young graduates. In return, the latter undertake to work in partner companies (sources of funding for the program) over a period of 3 years. At the end of this period, the young people trained are free from any commitment and able to decide on the direction of their career.

Responsible positions for trained young people

The Job Village is a truly unique training program. The young graduates who benefit from it begin their professional integration in partner companies in positions of confirmed level. They are brought to work alongside workers who already have 5 years of experience under their belt. At the end of the process, the young people trained and now experienced thanks to the three years spent in an information system company represent real talents in demand in their sector.

Training provided by experts

The impressive success of the employment village can be explained by various factors, one of the determining factors being the quality of the trainers. During between 3 and 9 months, the training is indeed led by experts and high-level professionals. From expert trainers to job search specialists, not to mention expert communication coaches, all the skills are there to provide young graduates with training that meets the expectations of the professional environment. The information systems sector is a promising field which recruits a lot. If you are wondering which training framework to choose to become immediately operational, remember that the employment village is the best choice for you.

Well-paid positions in information systems

As explained above, the graduates of the employment village receive quality training, which makes them professionals who are well versed in the job. For that, remuneration are not long in coming. The young person trained receives an interesting remuneration intended to know increases over time.