A cinema projection at home as if you were in a theater

cinema projection

During these days when the time devoted to leisure activities at home increases, we appreciate that the films or the series shown have the best possible quality.

The “new normal” is to control and limit access to public places in general and cinemas in particular. This is leading to a growing interest in the quality of home cinema, which was already very popular before this new situation arose.

Streaming cinema is becoming more widespread so that the experience is as close as possible to what you get inside a cinema. Technology has a lot to say and it is already coming to homes. Here is some information to organize a cinema projection at home but if you are a beginner, it is best to call on a professional who will help you install the equipment and choose the film (s) that will suit you for a day or a few days.

The technological devices necessary for a cinema projection

Few times are as relaxing and enjoyable as the one that accompanies the smell of popcorn and knowing that you are going to enjoy a good movie while sitting comfortably on the sofa of the house. If you can't enjoy the movies in a movie theater, it's possible to have all the technical equipment you need to be like you're in a movie theater.

The choice of projector

There is a fundamental choice to be made to achieve maximum quality and transform the living room into what comes closest to a professional screening room. This choice is centered on a television or a projector. The choice of projector is important because with this device you have professional color spaces like DCI-p3 and REC 709, that is to say the color quality is much closer to what you see during a cinema projection.

However, the atmosphere of the place must be taken into account, i.e. the room where the film is shown must be prepared in such a way that the ambient light can be considerably reduced because a projector does not support this well. aspect. With a television, however, we can better fight against excess light from outside because its image gives off greater brightness.

Either way, the image quality of a projector will always be superior. To have a good resolution, this machine must be able to work with a high number of pixels, the more there are the better.

Projectors with 4K Native

When we talk about 4K Native, it means that the resolution with which these projectors emit is already 3840 X 2160 pixels. This means that, even if it is scaled, the projected image has more pixels and shows more detail.

Lumens required

The light output with which projectors can exceed ambient light is of utmost importance. Depending on the conditions of the place used for the projection (office, room, living room, etc.), 2000 to 3000 lumens will be required. The lumen is the unit derived from the international system of luminous flow.

The format and the projection system

As for which formats to accept, these are the ones that have the most multimedia content, i.e. 16: 9 or 16:10. As for the projection system, DLP is the best performer because it offers the best contrasts, the colors do not degrade over time, it has a greater variety of color tones, it can achieve professional colors and in general it offers better image quality.

The projection screen

It's not too technical if you choose a smooth, all-white wall. However, if this is not possible, the most recommendable are 120-inch screens with a ceiling mount where it is easier to anchor it.

The sound is better if it is "surround"

It's not all about the quality of the vision, audio is fundamental for a cinematic experience. In this sense, you can choose between a sound bar or a home cinema, the most recommended, logically, is a complete home cinema equipment so that the feeling of immersion in the scene unfolding in front of the viewer is complete. The placement of the speakers is very important, as well as the acoustics of the room itself.

Finally, a good comfortable sofa or armchair, popcorn and a drink to enjoy alone or in company will make you spend moments of joy watching your favorite movies as if you were in a movie theater.