5 ways to create shade on the patio

In summer, we all run away from the sun except for sunbathing. If we do not want our beloved terrace to become an outdoor oven, we must learn to get good shade and thus enjoy the cool breeze under its shelter.

When we enter into new houses or second hand, it is important to remember to protect them from excessive sunshine, especially during the summers which are getting hotter and hotter. By reducing the temperature, good shade can make our house much cooler and more pleasant.

By saving energy, we will not need to turn on the air conditioning for such a long time, which will save a lot of energy and therefore be economical.

Here are some tips to refresh your terrace in summer:

1- Fabric awnings

Trends to create shadows with an innovative design. There are alternatives which combine different elements providing shade, such as modernly designed sail awnings at a reduced cost.

They are practical, versatile and adaptable to all needs. They can cover gardens, terraces, children's play areas, parking lots, poolside or any other outdoor situation and offer many advantages.

2- Create shade with the vegetation on your terrace

One way to create shade in outdoor spaces, which can be combined with the placement of awnings, is to use native vegetation. When choosing the type of plants, several aspects must be taken into account, such as the climate of the region, and the orientation of the garden and the soil. For example, with ivy and vines, green will predominate.

3- Bougainvillea, an explosion of colors

It is perfect and resilient and offers lots of colorful blooms all year round in warm climates. Varieties with aromatic flowers such as honeysuckle, jasmine are also very common.

4- Welcome to the reed

Another natural and fresh idea that you can put into practice to create shade on the patio is to place strips of reed or cane on the roof of the patio. They are usually sold in rolls. They give a very pleasant shade that lets through air and adapt to almost any decorating style!

5- Parasols: a classic

Lightweight, versatile and available in a wide range of models, shapes and sizes, the parasols are and will remain the most popular way to create shade on the patio. It does not take more than five minutes to remove or put them in place.

This is the basic accessory for providing shade. They are inexpensive, there are all kinds of models and they adapt to all needs. However, unless you buy a very large and bulky one, the amount of shade they provide is limited.

They're perfect for those of us who don't seek shade all day, but only at specific times and places, like breakfast, lunch, naps ...

Ideally, buy one that has an arm that is adjustable in height and tilt, so that we can also protect ourselves from the morning or afternoon sun.