3 essential levers for the efficiency of a business

Things that looked very futuristic, such as uploading all customer data to the cloud, auto-answering instead of setting up a customer service center, selling via chat, or paying without sharing bank information are today. hui a reality. All of this makes your business attractive with the experiences customers are looking for today, who want more personalized service every time, faster and, if necessary, without human intervention, when not strictly necessary. There are a few tools and materials for this that can help you improve your business.

CRM to familiarize yourself with customers

CRM or "Customer Relationship Management" is an essential software for building loyalty and mastering the customer experience. It stores useful data about current and potential customers, such as their activities, points of contact, purchasing history and preferences. CRM is a versatile tool, and essential in a marketing and webmarketing strategy, in order to guarantee the success of an independent business. It is hosted in the cloud, in addition to being compatible with other systems. This is a great way for you to build a customer journey, in order to better understand their purchasing habits, so that they can then come up with better offers. Using this system generally provides a good return on investment for your business, and will introduce you to a remarkable sales force.

The online cash register for optimal management

While old cash registers forced bookkeeping through hundreds of receipts, today's outlets simplify the process by using specific programs to optimize this financial task. In this context, the cash register for commerce is a benchmark lever for points of sale. But its functions can go beyond the cash register, because it also allows easy access to old transactions, and enrich your dashboards. Thanks to the detailed reports that it can provide, one can obtain very interesting data for planning a business strategy, a loyalty and relationship campaign. In addition to being comfortable and intuitive, it can also include a general inventory management system. Therefore, it is the absolute weapon for any merchant wishing to enrich their customer database and boost their turnover.

Social networks for effective prospecting

Not being able to interact individually with a large number of customers, the merchant can also consider creating a social page specifically dedicated to his business. Social networks are an effective tool for prospecting customers, and very useful in the communication strategy. Many companies appreciate them for their search function, but also for their notion of sharing. An integral and essential part of current sales techniques, especially in digital marketing, these platforms are also excellent levers in customer loyalty. The more you interact with your customers, the more likely they will be to come back to you.

Among other things, if one of your loyal customers finds your business page, they can subscribe, but also invite and share this page with other contacts. This chain reaction will then increase your notoriety, and play the role of word of mouth between customers and prospects. An even simpler operation to carry out than an E mailing campaign.