Why treat yourself to a romantic getaway in Brittany?

The Breton lands are recognized in France for their landscapes as well as their rather magnificent coasts. In that sense, spending a few days in Brittany can be more interesting when you have a goal. Discover here three reasons why this French region is one of the wonders of the world for a romantic getaway.

Spend a romantic getaway

Brittany is a beautiful and authentic destination. It has seasons almost all favorable to tourism. This is also the case with spring and autumn, which guarantee a marvelous panorama of the beaches and of these few islands.

In addition, meet people in Brittany is a blessing, because the winter calm testifies to the beauty of the natural sites. It is indeed a question of having fun guessing the silhouettes or faces on the giant granite chaos of the Pink Granite Coast. This in the changing lights of the day. Obviously, the Breton winter is the sum of the four seasons of the year. It rarely freezes while the stormy skies remain undecided on the fate of the day.

Thus, Brittany is and remains a safe place for a romantic getaway. His hikes give a strong feeling of new experiences and the magical nature consolidates dream and reality.

Spend a detox weekend

Far from everything to reconnect the mind to the body? Obviously, recharging your batteries at times is what it takes to rejuvenate and really enjoy life. To do this, the Breton air is an effective antidepressant in pausing the body and mind.

Indeed, the beaches, islands and hiking trails in Brittany are the most favorable in Europe for a detox cure. During your stay, it would be regrettable not to try a sand circuit deserted by the sea to cross the low tide and the dunes.

Listen to the wind howling on the moor, watch the sun set over a sea of ​​oil or feel the telluric vibrations of the stones in your hand. There are so many things to recharge your batteries in Brittany.

Apart from relaxing activities, the Breton region also offers a diversity of food. It is said that his cuisine is a blend of land and seafood. That’s fair enough, this portion of French land offers enough for a detox fast. Take advantage of food biodiversity to refocus on yourself. However, don't go overboard with Breton ciders. They have one alcohol level up to 5 %.

Participate in music festivals

Festival-goers who are fond of music are very enthusiastic about Brittany. Indeed, summer hosts a multitude of music festivals with a very large number of spectators. In fact, these highlights can cover up to 4 days per concert since they are hosted by a wide variety of singing artists. Above all, the atmosphere cannot be told, it is lived.

In addition among the top 10, we count the festivals motocultors, the rock route, the interceltique, the Cornouaille, to name but a few. Thus, it must be said that Brittany is simply magnificent and full of life. Each season is unique and its soft sun gives life to all kinds of community or solitary activities. The question is, how much time will you spend there for a family vacation?