What is spiritual healing?

spiritual medicine

Spiritual healing, alternative medicine, roqya... terms that we keep hearing and hearing. The roqya is a gentle healing method that aims to accompany the person to find his true nature. 

Usually, it is after a series of painful experiences or a feeling of discomfort that we see ourselves seeking the meaning and purpose of our existence, and wanting to heal physically and morally. 

the healing spirituality consists in making the person find his “Self” (true Essence) in “the Universe” (all that surrounds him), or in “ God ”(Religiously speaking). It is an instinctive search that pushes the being to connect and to be guided in a grandeur that surrounds him. It is a matter of personal self-healing choice.

But what is the origin of the medicine spiritual in theIslam ? And how does roqya work? Let's discover together the definition of roqya and take a look at how it unfolds and its benefits for humans.

Roqya and Islamic spiritual medicine?

Used for thousands of years, roqya chariya or spiritual healing is an alternative medicine technique that aims to rejuvenate the body and strengthen it, but also to allow the person to find himself and be at peace with himself.

In the religion of Islam, spiritual healers use methods and techniques inherited from generation to generation from the messengers of God. Method which still exists today: the Roqya. Islamic healers use spiritual means, of course, but also medicinal remedies.

Many believe that the roqya is directly related to the healing of “Evil Eye”, “Black Magic” and “Possession of the jinn”. But it doesn't just allow exorcism. Roqya also heals various physical ailments. This is a cure for everything!

Every verse of the Quran has a unique healing property.

How to do a Roqya?

Before going into the details of the unfolding of the roqya or its different phases, it is important to know that the person can perform spiritual healing on himself. It is also recommended to do it on yourself before seeing a raqy “Spiritual healer”. It's all a matter of will, and by God's permission ”Inshaallah”. It is also possible to perform the roqya of a particular house or room.

When doing roqya on yourself, have no fear and try to put all your trust in God, for by his will anything is possible. If you are not able to do it on your own, then call on a trusted Raqui, who does things according to the Quran, it will benefit you. You won't need amulets or gris-gris! You also won't need to give your relative's name, clothes or hair or anything else! The Koran is the solution. This is the only cure. 

As we have seen, it is possible to make the roqya for himself. We will now explain how to do it.

Roqya for oneself

By simply bringing the palms of your hands together and reciting the roqya, then blowing on your hands, you wipe the area of ??the body that is causing you pain. 

You can also use holy water - zem zem water - and recite 3, 5 or 7 times: Al Fatiha, Ayatul Kursy, the last 2 verses of Suratul Baqarah and the last 3 suras of the Quran. Every time you recite it, you blow on it. To this you can add any -Douaa- prayer. You can drink this water in the morning, afternoon and before going to bed, just as you can wipe it off on the places that hurt you. 

Different methods in roqya

  • Make yourself comfortable in a quiet place with the intention of doing roqya char3iya. It is strongly recommended that you make sure there are no children running or that the TV is not turned on in the background. You shouldn't be disturbed. Have a glass of water and a 2- or 5-liter bottle of water handy.
  • Seek refuge in Allah from the shaytaan 3 times - Aouthubillahi min-ash-shaytaan arrajeem -.
  • Mention Allah's name three times - bismillahir-rahman nir-raheem -.
  • Read sura “fatiha” 3 times
  • Read “ayatul kursi” 3 times
  • Read the last two ayaat or sura “al baqarah” 3 times
  • Read surah “ikhlas” / “falaq” / “nas” 3 times each
  • Recite 3 times ayaat de “sihr” - 2: 102/7: 115 - 121/10: 79 - 82/20: 65 - 70
  • Spit into the glass of water and spit into the bottle of water
  • Drink water from the glass. Make sure you say “bismillah” 
  • Drink water from the bottle in the morning / evening / night
  • Make - ghusl - with the water left in this bottle: Pour this water over your head and make sure it touches your whole body
  • Every day you should recite from a cool bottle and drink it 3 times a day and make - ghusl- at night (all water is good, including tap water) 
  • If you have stomach movements or bloating, buy Holland and Barrett's senna leaves and make tea with them and drink daily for two weeks
  • Drink a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of black seed oil every day
  • You can also put some of the water you have recited on in a spray bottle and spray the corners of every room in your house.
  • Do - “Duaa” - prayer.
  • Once every two weeks, take “hijama” cups.

The secret behind a roqya chariya to be successful is to put all your trust in what you are doing. Put all your trust and dependence on God, for he is the source of all healing, whether physical, moral or even due to the jinn, the evil eye and witchcraft.