The mini dishwasher: practical equipment that has become essential

One of the household appliances that we can't live without is the dishwasher. And for those who live alone or as a couple, without children, a compact model is available: the mini dishwasher.

For you too who have a living space with a narrow area, you can treat yourself to this device. It is true that it cannot be of much help when you have several guests. However, it fits perfectly with the style of your small room and can serve you everyday.

The capacity and dimensions

Equipping your kitchen with a mini dishwasher, that's the end of the drudgery: the dishes.

As this is a "mini" model and is designed for one or two people, this household appliance generally has a capacity of 4 and 6 place settings. We rarely see models that can accommodate 8 place settings.

As for the dimensions, the standard width is 55 cm. The height varies from 40 to 45 cm from one model to another. And for depth, it's usually 50 cm.

It is convenient for people who live in shared accommodation. There is no risk of an argument over dirty plates lying around in the sink!

Its small capacity is also appreciated by employees using the same desk. After a coffee break or a snack, it helps clean up quickly cups, spoons, glasses, plates ...

How to install it?

If it is of the "free-standing" type, install your mini dishwasher on or near your worktop, at the place that suits you best. Make sure he doesn't get in the way of your meal preparation.

Otherwise, if it is integrable, plan a niche with sufficient depth.

For the connection, everything is done on your usual water inlet.

With this device, you gain space. If it is possible to put it up, it will be even better to facilitate the loading and unloading of your dishes and glasses.

A employment guide is provided in which you will find additional feature details:

  • The anti-overflow option;
  • The anti-overheating device;
  • The display;
  • Automatic adjustment of washing parameters;
  • Locking during start-up ...

Water and electricity consumption

You can perfectly control your consumption using a mini dishwasher. By opting for a standard wash cycle, it consumes on average 6.5L of water and 0.6 kWh of electric current.

This is a device Convenient, Easy to use and who can be economic.

Is it noisy? On some models, you will find an indication of the sound level of 55 decibels. This is indeed noisy and necessarily annoying. Other types are less so, but since there is usually no device whose noise is less than 48 decibels, you can't get yourself one that is totally silent.

A mini dishwasher, for more functionality in your kitchen

In your kitchen, you have the electric coffee maker, toaster, juicer, food processor and many other appliances that make your daily life easier. Integrate the mini dishwasher which does not take much space and which is nevertheless essential to you.

Your kitchen becomes more functional. And the sink no longer clutters with dirty cutlery on those days when you have a busy schedule.

The prices are very varied; you can get a simple template from 200 euros. This can amount to 650 euros if you choose a more advanced mini dishwasher, combining performance, aesthetics and durability.

What should be done in the event of a breakdown?

Sometimes the dishwasher or the mini-dishwasher is broken. For the first or second time, you can call a professional to repair your device.

But for the third or fourth time, it's better to go for a purchase. Successive repairs can damage even more parts.

Don't worry, choosing a good brand and a good performance, your mini dishwasher will not need repair for a long time!

Treat yourself to other household appliances

The kitchen is no longer just for preparing meals. It becomes a popular place for the whole family to relax, chat, share good meals ... We even welcome guests when it is well organized!

Remember to buy other household appliances to bring a touch of modernity in your kitchen.

In addition to appliances, when your budget is sufficient for some renovations, you can contact a kitchen designer. It is the professional who designs and materializes your renovation projects so that your room is open to the living room, for example.

This is the opportunity to repaint the walls, cupboards, windows ...

Currently, you can discover clean styles of cooking at any time. You can draw inspiration from it or rely on your imagination!