The aviator jacket, this fashionable piece that crosses the ages

Fashion is said to be a perpetual restart. What was fashionable in the 60s is coming back decades later, and it will be the same in all eras. Of course, some innovations appear, but overall, we can say that fashion is recycled regularly. However, there are some timeless pieces that cross all eras without missing a single one. Among them, we naturally find the tuxedo, the little black dress, but also and above all, the leather pilot jacket, also known as the bomber jacket. Why is this garment so fascinating? This is what we will find out together.

A jacket that gives allure and style

If fashion exists, it is for people to follow it. In this case, the bomber jacket defies the laws of fashion as it remains present over the seasons and years. Directly inspired by the jacket worn by fighter and war pilots decades ago now, this piece has a certain character. Composed of leather and wool, this jacket will give the wearer a certain style. This piece is timeless, so it is impossible to show bad taste while wearing it!

Moreover, we can note that the aviator jacket, despite its years of existence, gives a facelift to the general outfit of the wearer. While some note the fact that this garment can make the man wearing it look stern, we would rather say that it gives it charisma and elegance, although the overall style remains simple.

A garment that suits all men

The aviator jacket will suit all body types and above all, all ages! Fashion is very critical of those who wear pieces that don't seem to be tailored for them, but the bomber jacket is for everyone. It will suit a young man in his twenties as well as a middle-aged man. Keep in mind that the final effect may be slightly different, it all depends on what outfit is worn with the jacket.

To wear a casual style, it is better to combine the bomber jacket with jeans. A white or black t-shirt will complement the outfit perfectly! For a more distinguished style, we will opt for a bomber jacket without wool, only made of leather.

Highly appreciated features

The aviator jacket will be very warm, which makes it a great ally during the winter. In addition, it is easy to maintain, although it should be taken care of regularly. Moisturizing leather is essential for it to age as well as possible. An aviator jacket can remain in excellent condition for many, many years as long as you choose a good quality model, made with precise know-how. Both the leather and the wool must have been chosen with precision so that the person wearing the jacket can hope to keep it for a good part of his life.