The advantages of credit redemption

Resorting to a repurchase of credit is more and more common among borrowers. Moreover, more and more credit institutions are offering this alternative, such as Sofinco. This is a system that allows you to combine several credits of different kinds into one. This then results in a single monthly loan payment that is much less substantial. The consolidation of credit is ideal for avoiding over-indebtedness and thus, better managing your budget among other advantages.

A grouping of credits, loans and debts in one credit

One of the major advantages of credit redemption is to be able to include all your credits, loans and debts such as your mortgage, your consumer loans, your tax debts, your personal loans, your bank overdrafts or even your family debts, etc. Indeed, as it is never easy to manage all this, the consolidation is offered by the credit institution in order to obtain a less expensive monthly payment. Use a loan repurchase from Sofinco is everything that is simpler: just choose the amount that is best suited to your situation, apply online and wait for the credit redemption file to be accepted for the loan to be accepted. teaches balance your credits to your creditors.

A unique and advantageous interest rate

Of course, the rates vary according to the financial markets and the sector concerned. But when you take out a lot of loans, your interest rates are usually high. By opting for the repurchase of credit, you benefit from a single and advantageous rate. However, you must be careful not to be fooled by attractive rates without also considering the cost of the redemption.

A more affordable monthly payment

When you consolidate all your credits into one via credit redemption, you only pay one monthly payment. This is reduced in order to better adapt to your means. You then manage your budget better. Your monthly payment discount can reach 60 % of your total monthly payment, which is more beneficial for your finances.

A reduced risk of over-indebtedness

Having too many loans can lead to over-indebtedness as your monthly payments are huge. You risk being registered with the Bank of France when it is difficult to get out. With the repurchase of credit, the debt ratio is clearly down, which saves you the over-indebtedness commission. However, a decision must be made before it is too late, because once registered with the Bank of France, the request for credit redemption is impossible.

Simplified reimbursement management

By requesting a credit consolidation, you go from repaying several monthly payments with various lending institutions to repaying a single monthly payment with a single credit institution. This greatly facilitates your task in terms of managing your due, especially since you avoid at the same time overheads and rejections of direct debits.