The advantages and disadvantages of linen bed linen

Linen has made a strong comeback in the fashion and interior decoration markets for a few years now. Native to Eurasia and cultivated in many countries, this noble material is of great refinement. There is no better way to dress household linen, especially bed linen. While linen bed linen has a lot of advantages, there are some disadvantages that cannot be ruled out.

Hardwearing and strong bed linen

Studies have shown that among the most widely used materials, including cotton, polyester, flannel and jersey, linen is the strongest. This is what gives it the ability to withstand wear and tear. Note that the quality of linen is related to the number of threads per square centimeter. The average is between 150 and 300 fils. Weaving and finishing also play an important role. Linen bed linen does not warp with time. This is the type of accessory that you can use for years without the fibers coming off. Best of all, it can be machine washed. In fact, the more frequent the washing, the softer the fabric becomes. However, make sure that the temperature does not exceed 40 °. Spinning is also to be avoided.


Many people agree that once you try on linen bed linen, it is hard to live without. Due to its absorbent and insulating character, and its magnificent airy texture, this material quickly established itself as a faithful partner in all seasons. It warms in cold weather and feels cool when summer is in full swing. Some even go so far as to say that linen is a fabric that breathes.

A significant benefit for sleep

In addition to lightness, linen also has antiallergic qualities. A bed linen made from such material can only drastically reduce the risk of skin inflammation, especially in children. It also retains body heat, thus ensuring quality sleep. Other than that, it has the ability to absorb moisture in no time. It is without a doubt the ideal choice if you are looking for a bed set to compose.

An ecological bed linen

Linen is a biodegradable material whose manufacturing process is based on natural techniques. The same is true for the products used. Investing in linen bed linen helps protect the planet and the environment.

The small disadvantages

When used or touched for the first time, linen bed linen takes on a rough appearance. Which is not very pleasant to the touch. Fortunately, it softens and becomes silkier over time. Unlike cotton, silk or polyester bed linen, linen sheets are more expensive. Nevertheless, its quality is well worth its price.