Swimming goggles for fun and performance

Triathlon goggles swimming pool

In these times when a sedentary lifestyle is a threat to health, the practice of sport is a necessity. Swimming is the most recommended sport for both beginners and experts.

In fact, swimming is a physical exercise which, when practiced underwater, has no impact on the joints, thanks to the effect of weightlessness which reduces the weight of the swimmer's body by 80%. It helps to develop beautiful muscles and improve cardiovascular performance. Swimming is a complete sport because it works the whole body in a series of simple and very effective movements. It only requires a swimsuit, a hat and a good pair of swimming goggles!

Triathlon revives the popularity of swimming

Right now, the popularity of swimming goes hand in hand with the popularity of triathlons, a pattern of swimming, biking and running. The triathlon is not just for professionals; more and more people of all ages participate in these sporting events. There are several categories of triathlon according to the French classification. Here is an overview:

  • S sprint distance: 750 meters of swimming, 20 kilometers of cycling and 5 kilometers of running, totaling 25.75 kilometers;
  • Distance M: 1,500 meters of swimming, 40 km of cycling and 10 km of running, totaling 51.5 kilometers;
  • Distance L: 3000 meters of swimming, 80 kilometers and 20 kilometers of running, totaling 103 kilometers.

And the categories run up to 226 kilometers for the Ironman! A daunting challenge that can only be achieved with a lot of effort, but you can also swim for fun or to train at your own pace, outside of competition!

Swimming accessories

Either way, if you are into swimming it is important to be well equipped, as it is with other sports. Swimming goggles are essential. They are useful for protecting the eyes in indoor and outdoor pools or in the open sea. It is extremely difficult to swim without goggles. Chlorine and seawater irritate and dry out the eyes and make the experience difficult or unpleasant.

Also, wearing glasses improves visibility underwater and some brands offer models that protect the eyes from UV rays. Athletes who swim wear goggles in training and competitions, except for those who practice synchronized swimming who are only allowed to wear them in training. The purchase of good swimming goggles ensures essential comfort for the swimmer and allows him to swim long distances, in any water! Ultimate experience guaranteed: you will be like a fish in water!

A personal choice adapted to your needs

First and foremost, swimming goggles are goggles. They are available in several varieties and in various materials. Silicone pads are effective in ensuring water resistance. They are found with an adjustable nose bridge ensuring personalized comfort. Some models are made with anti-fog and anti-corrosion materials for an ideal experience. You just have to choose according to your needs!