Store layout: tips for equipping and decorating a commercial premises

If you own a commercial space, you know that the equipment and the decoration thereof have a direct influence on its attendance and the success of your business. It is therefore necessary to carry out an efficient store layout. To do this, here are some essential tips.

The store layout: what is it?

Arranging a store consists in adopting the merchandising rules of making the commercial premises attractive to customers.It should not be a simple point of sale, but a real place of discovery and awakening of the senses.This is part of a marketing approach that aims to optimize the presentation of the store and the products offered there.Thus, it can become more and more profitable by attracting and retaining customers.Your efforts should be focused on the customer experience.By seeing and entering your store, visitors must want to buy the products.They also need to be comfortable there so that they will want to come back to it.

How to equip and decorate your commercial premises?

For a successful layout of your store, you must equip and decorate it optimally by proceeding step by step.

The storefront

The front of the store is the first area the customer discovers. So you have to deal with it in a way that makes a good impression from the first few seconds. Its decoration must be in perfect harmony with the identity of your business and your brand image. The customer should get a taste of what to expect once inside. Pay particular attention to colors and cleanliness for an impeccable aesthetic.


In addition to the store front, the window is also to be arranged to make passers-by want to enter and buy your products. It should reflect the trend inside, be bright, clean and vibrant. In addition to product samples, a showcase can also contain decorative elements which must be in line with the brand image.

Shelving and furniture

The furniture you choose for your store has a big impact on customer behavior.It must highlight and be adapted to the types of products marketed, but also contribute to interior decoration.If your budget allows it, custom furniture is ideal for a successful interior design (shelves, displays and other types of furniture).You can also rely on signage, traffic aisles or promotions to attract the attention of visitors and make the showroom functional.Everything must be chosen and installed so that there is consistency with the atmosphere you want to create in your store.For shelving, ensure that products and their prices are prominent and up to date.

The box

Special attention should also be paid to the collection area in the layout of a shop. Indeed, its location is strategic since it represents the realization of the purchase. The cash register should be inevitable for visitors, without scaring them. Whenever possible, avoid placing it near the front door. Also, flagship products should not be installed near the cash desk. Make sure you have modern, efficient, complete and fast equipment for this area. A cash register with the latest software cry is suitable for doing this. It can be used to collect, book, manage stocks, customer loyalty, etc.