Secure your home thanks to motorization!

With the number of burglaries steadily increasing, it becomes essential to strengthen the security in your home. It starts with limiting access, first to your outdoor space, then to the house itself. To do this, the use of a motorization system of your entries is the best solution. In addition to further protecting your property through better control of comings and goings, it also provides you with optimal user comfort. Discover all the advice on the subject in this file.

The different gate motor solutions

The home automation device that is Gate Motorization makes it more practical and handy. It also allows you to secure your home. But it is important to choose the type of motorization suitable for your automatic gate. Also prefer a reputable brand, such as Faa motorization which focuses on quality above all. Discover the various alternatives available to you to do this:

The swing gate motorization

For a swing or leaf gate, you have several choices, whether at the level of brands or at the level of existing models. On the brand side, the Came swing gate motor constitutes a reference.

The articulated arm motorization:

This solution is the most popular. It is made up of two electric jacks that rest against the built-up pillar on one side and the gate leaf on the other. The system can be electromechanical or hydraulic, depending on preference. This motorization is dedicated to medium and heavy gates, in aluminum, PVC or wood. It makes opening handling quick and easy to install.

Motorization with cylinders:

The actuator motorization is exclusively dedicated to heavy and imposing gates, in steel or iron. It can use a linear cylinder system or a linear hydraulic cylinder system.

The wheel system:

This swing gate automation alternative consists of equipping your entrance with a motor that drives the wheels to open the leaves. It is the cheapest and the least energy consuming, not to mention that it is suitable for sloping terrain.

The buried automatism:

If you are looking for aesthetics, thegate automation buried is ideal. It also provides unparalleled comfort when it comes to opening and closing your leaves. Indeed, this system is discreet. It keeps the original look of your portal. In addition, the underground automation is suitable for many gates.

The sliding gate motorization

Regarding the sliding gate motorization, you have the choice between two types. In all cases, a Faac engine is highly recommended.

Rail motorization:

For sliding gates on rails, installing a rack-and-pinion drive is the best alternative. Installation requires a guide post and a receiving post.

The self-supporting system:

Ce système est plus sollicité par les entreprises que par les particuliers, mais cela ne doit pas vous empêcher de l’envisager chez vous. Pour automatiser ce système, une motorisation de portail coulissant Faac est conseillée. La Faac gate operator Also consists of a rack motor with a guide post and a receiving post.

The different garage door motorization solutions

The garage is also a common break-in target. This is why garage door operator solutions were invented. In addition, automating the garage door makes its handling easier. You have the choice between different types of garage door operator, including the Cam Motor which is among the best in the business.

The motorization of a sectional garage door

A garage opening is said to be sectional when it is made up of several articulated slats. Thus, by opening or closing the door, it does not deviate from its frame. To motorize this type of door, opting for a motor kit is recommended. Be sure to choose a model that is compatible with your sash model, but also a model with a fairly powerful motor. You can hire a professional when it comes to its installation, but with the right tools, it's within everyone's reach. The motor is placed on the ceiling and is powered by an electrical outlet placed in the same place.

The motorization of a tilting garage door

Tilting garage door models consist of a single rigid panel that protrudes from the frame when opened. There are two types of overhead garage door:

  • The overhead overhead garage door that tilts the panel when opened and the top remains flush with the ceiling.
  • The semi-overhanging up-and-over door that swings the panel so that it fits on the ceiling. The top is therefore not always at the same level when opening the garage access.

For these two versions, the installation of a tilting garage door operator is done with a belt or chain system.

The other garage door operator models

Other motorization models are available on the market to automate different kinds of garage door, except the folding models which cannot be equipped with a motor. The model ofCame automation is ideal for equipping all garage doors.

  • The rack and pinion drive works with a belt system. It fits on a sectional or overhead door.
  • The axial tubular drive operates identically to a roller shutter drive. It is ideal for a garage door that wraps around a motorized axis placed above the opening.
  • The arm motorization allows the automation of a garage door model that has several leaves. The opening can be made of PVC, wood or aluminum. Its operation is the same as that of the motorization of a swing gate. Note, however, that this system is not suitable for all types of garage doors.