POS: how to promote your products?

custom easel

To sell a product well, you have to know all the arguments about its specificities, its qualities and what it will bring to the customer, but it is also important to present it well visually to make them want to buy it. The art of showcasing a product has also become a profession. This is called visual merchandising. You must also know how to use advertising tools to promote it and what is called POS for Point of Sale Advertising.

The art of designing a store

Knowing how to organize a store is an art because you have to place the products so that the customer wants to stay and discover what you offer and so that they are attracted to the different catchment areas.

You have to start by attracting the eye with a window that makes you want to go home, that makes you dream and where the customer will find the necessary information.

If possible, the showcase should include as many elements as possible that best represent what you are offering with a few "flagship" products. Another possibility is to showcase appealing products that are not necessarily the ones you will earn the most money on but with a very attractive price, they will make the customer want to discover more.

Inside the store, depending on the type of product sold, it is advisable to use displays where customers can really see, touch and pick up the item easily. You have to make the customer want to ask questions and do everything to provoke the act of purchase.

Among the tools that are increasingly successful are cardboard counter easels which attract the eye. The cardboard part is customizable with a beautiful photo of the product and also allows to receive a sample that the customer can see and grab.

These easels are very practical to put near the cash register, on a shelf, a coffee table. They are particularly suitable for pharmacies, beauty centers or clothing stores wishing to highlight small accessories such as bracelets, a necklace, etc.

There are also tri-fold cardboard panels that can feature three different products or the same product highlighted in different ways.

A nomadic advertising highlight

If you need to present your products directly to the customer, at a market or at a trade show, there are now a multitude of solutions to recreate the more intimate atmosphere of a store.

Advertising tools at the point of sale such as counter easels, posters, cardboard discs that can be hung on a wire are all tips that will dress up a space to transform and personalize it. The stands have evolved, and there are even stands in kits called "umbrella stands" because they can be deployed in no time to provide a counter with a visual of your product on the back.

All of these tools are reusable and easy to transport, having been specially designed for quick and easy storage.