Where to take out structural damage insurance when you are an individual?

As you get ready to start major renovations in your home, the question of structural damage insurance arises. You may know the broad outline of this insurance, but you may not know where to go to subscribe to it, and for good reason! There are various competent professionals to offer you this insurance, but it is still necessary to succeed in finding the one whose rates will be the most interesting. Even if structural damage insurance for individuals represents a substantial budget in principle, this does not mean that you must necessarily take out a loan to finance it.

The independent insurers, the most recalcitrant

The major problem with structural damage insurance is that it is unprofitable from an insurer's point of view. Indeed, if it often costs between 4,000 and 5,000 euros for the insured, tens of thousands of euros often have to be paid by insurance experts in the event of a faulty workmanship!
In the construction market, companies sometimes go out of business, and while insurance companies can backfire in this case, they will be hard pressed to recover the money advanced for work to repair the damage. This goes a long way towards explaining why so many insurance firms do not follow up with a claim for structural damage, but fortunately there are alternatives.

Your building professional's insurer, an excellent option

The company that will come to do the major work in your home is necessarily insured, this is written into the law. This insurer is inclined to provide it with recourse in the event that it encounters various problems, which means that it is certainly prepared to take the risk of insuring you for structural damage.
In many cases, you will even save money by doing so! Insurance will continue to cost you several thousand euros, since its price is calculated according to the total amount of the work. However, the rate will be reduced if one were to compare with those offered by independent insurers.

Remedies that can help you move forward in your efforts

In theory, an insurer does not have the right to refuse to insure you for structural damage. The period granted to him to respond to your request is 90 days, if he answers in the negative or if he does not respond to your request, you can enter a higher body which will remind this professional of his obligations. . The Central Pricing Bureau will also take care of setting the overall amount of insurance that you wish to contract, so that the insurer will have no choice but to comply.
In view of this situation, do not forget to do it as soon as possible to find a professional able to insure you for structural damage. The process can take a long time, and until the contract is signed, you cannot start the work because it would not be covered. In the event of a faulty workmanship subsequently, you would be obliged to pay the necessary sum yourself while a court deliberates on your case.