Optimize the security of a property with an automated swing gate!

The gate is the first guarantee of the security of a room, whether for a simple home or for a business.It can play a dual role because not only does it keep unauthorized people out, but it also protects owners, especially children and pets.You could say that it also determines the boundary of a property.Therefore, it is very important to think about the quality and performance of the portal.What prompted people, individuals or professionals, to look for a new effective solution to facilitate daily life:it is the use of a motorized gate.A motorized gate is an automated opening system that can be adapted to all types of gates or shutters, such as swing models or sliding models.

Motorized swing gates and their level of security

The degree of security that a motorized gate can offer generally depends on the type of automation.For swing gates, you can choose between:mechanical arm motorization, cylinder automation, wheel automation, underground automation and integrated automation.First of all, concerning the motorization with arms, these are articulated arms which are fixed on the leaves.These arms can be hydraulic or electromechanical and they are very efficient.Then, for jack automation, it is a mechanism that can only be installed on solid structures such as steel gates or iron gates.As a result, its level of security is very high and it can only be installed by professionals.Note that we can choose between three types of jacks:the pneumatic cylinder, the electric cylinder and the hydraulic cylinder.As for the wheel drive, the wheels are fixed at the bottom of the leaves.This type of automation is mainly used to guarantee the safety of sloping or deformed terrain.There is also the underground automation which is considered to be the best gate motorization system, because it is buried at the bottom of the leaves and it constitutes a durable and solid motorization.gate automation offered by FAAC. Finally, the integrated automation is a mechanism that is installed in the vertical uprights of the leaves. It has almost the same advantages as an underground engine.

How to motorize a swing gate?

It is more reassuring to install the motorization of a swing gate yourself if possible, as for a FAAC product for example.Indeed, you do not need to have a great DIY knowledge to install this mechanism, you just need to follow a few important steps.First, it is necessary to measure the position height of the motor and the arm as well as the distance between the pillar and the axis of the hinge.Then, locate the motor mounting holes on each pillar.And to prepare the gate, it is necessary to determine the marks and place the supports of the engine block.Note that the terminal of the ground wire is to be threaded on the fixing screw which is at the top of the gate.Then you have to take care of the portal arms.To do this, you have to fix the engaged arm using the axis in order to articulate it.Consequently, the motor will be able to close and open the gate on command.And do not forget to place the flexible axis on the leaf fixing plate to allow them to be joined together, before screwing the arm to the gate.The last step is to connect the electric wires to the motor and close the covers. a FAAC mechanical object, a powered gate programs and adjusts itself, but it is still necessary to place the engine block stopper on the notch closest to the pillar to adjust the gate.