Non-stick casseroles: a healthy choice!

non-stick saucepan

17 million cookbooks are sold in France each year. It's such a lucrative market that it's a safe bet that publishing houses have found an unexpected source of funding in the digital age.

We can certainly see a craze for everything related directly or indirectly to cooking. In fact, since the 2000s, this market has exploded! Publishing houses follow major food trends; scientists and nutritionists take turns in this vast deployment of culinary and gastronomic culture. We promote the terroirs, local products and culinary heritage.

Driven by culinary competitions, top chefs and television shows, cooking is establishing itself as an art of living and eating. But cooking isn't just about cookbooks, top chefs and culinary competitions. Without kitchen utensils, we cannot cook. And the healthy choice is in the best non-stick pans!

Health and nutrition

The past decades have brought to light the close link between health and diet. Countless books have been published on the subject and we can no longer ignore this interaction between food and health. We have lost count of the books that deal with the properties of foods: nutrients, vitamins, proteins, soluble and insoluble fiber, cancer-fighting foods, fat burners, gluten-free diets or foods with avoid for cholesterol, etc ... The food guide "Health comes by eating" offers benchmarks for consumption promoting healthy choices and healthy eating behaviors. But we must keep in mind that we eat for food but also for pleasure!

Good utensils serving food

If health comes from eating, it is by agreeing to limit certain foods that increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and other pathologies related to blood cholesterol or diabetes. It is essential to reduce our intake of salt, sugar and fat and to eat more fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Varying the types of protein by including nuts, seeds, lean meats, legumes, eggs and poultry is a healthy choice.

For the choice of a kitchen utensil, we will turn to the non-stick saucepan. The latter allows the food not to cling to the sides of the pan without using fat. Whether the pan is Teflon or ceramic or even cast iron, it offers the alternative of healthy cooking. There are several types of saucepans on the market and we will choose it according to our needs.

It is important, in order to have fun while cooking, to determine the dimensions of the saucepan according to the number of people who are gathered around our table. We must also take into account the type of cooker available; you may choose a different pan if you are using a gas stove or an electric stove. For optimum performance, this analysis is essential.