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Difficult to make a choice for your new Tilting Garage Door Motorization? We wrote this Special purchase guide Tilting Garage Door Motorization to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we have done our utmost to help you choose the best Tilting Garage Door Operator!

Our selection of tilting garage door operators

Tilting Garage Door Motorization Buying Guide

It is practically unthinkable not to have recourse to the motorization of tilting garage door. This is because the latter moves so that it is placed parallel to the ceiling at the opening. Thus, in addition to getting out of the car each time you enter and exit the garage, the physical work is also considerable without automatism of these garage doors. One person may not even be enough to perform this task, especially if the sash in question is of an imposing size.

A tilting garage door is therefore usually delivered with the operator device. Otherwise, if you want to equip your small manual overhead garage door, or if your current motor is a problem for you, here is a buying and comparison guide focusing mainly on the different criteria to take into account. This is to allow you to make the right choice.

The different types of garage door tilting

You should know that tilting or tilting garage doors are characterized by a single rigid panel as an opening. The latter will come out of the door frame during the door opening procedure. To choose the right engine, it is first essential to know that there are two types:

  • The tilting garage door overflowing : this garage door is characterized by its tilting when opening while constantly maintaining the top of the door panel in the same position.
  • The tilting garage door semi-overflowing : a semi-overflowing door also tilts and will be positioned flush with the ceiling of your garage. This means that the highest point of the panel will not stay in the same position. The operator installation for this type of door is more complex, as it is practically impossible to place the operator's drive arm on the panel. Indeed, it is necessary to set up a reversing arm to the device.

Types of engine

To choose better, it is important to know that different types of garage door operators exist. The ones we are going to give you are compatible with different types of doors, except those that are folding. Knowing these elements will allow you to better orient yourself in your choice and not make a mistake about the type of engine compatible or not.

  • The rack and pinion garage door operator
  • Rack and pinion motors work the same and are suitable for garage doors tilting, but also sectional doors. Here, it is the motor which is intended to move on the rail which is fixed to the ceiling in order to allow the opening of the door.

  • Axial tubular motorization
  • This type of motorization is especially intended for doors which wind up on a motorized axis which is found above the opening.

  • Hand motorization
  • The latter is especially suitable for swing garage doors regardless of their materials.

The installation

If you plan to equip your existing overhead garage door with an operator, you must first think about its installation. In fact, models that do not require the sash to be removed are required. To better orient yourself, prefer them easy to install motors which are compact and less bulky. The ranges which replace the wall controls by remote controls are for example very practical. Likewise, the low presence of the various devices on the walls will also allow easy and quick installations since the system in question is thus compact.

The term "easy to install" is, in most cases, observed in compact and innovative models. In general, these garage gate operators do not require professional intervention during door installation.

The movement produced by the operator for a tilting garage door

It is also important to clearly identify all the characteristics of the movement performed by the tilting garage door under the action of the motor, in opening and closing. These criteria even become precautions. Indeed, too sudden movements can lead to considerable material damage, in particular the life of the door, but also damage to the masonry walls and the garage door operator system. Thus, the power developed by the garage door motor must be controlled, especially towards the end of a cycle. A speed reduction is therefore required from these devices.

Upon purchase, you can directly ask and also do a test to find out if the motorization has this ability since it will be very important with regard to the life of the product, the longevity of your overhead door, but also of your entire garage.

Mandatory security options

In sorting out your overhead garage door operator, you should also demand the safety options that these products offer. Among the latter, there is for example the partial opening option. It must be programmed on the device module. This option is very practical when passing bicycles or pedestrians on this lane. The engine will therefore not have to work any more, especially since this mechanism is also limited to about ten uses per hour.

Automatic obstacle detection can also be a major criterion in choosing a motor for an overhead garage door.This option is even mandatory with overflowing ranges.The risk of accidents is indeed high with these types of motorized garage doors, especially since the garage generally opens onto a public road.Thus, the presence of a presence sensor in this system will cause the engine to stop instantly.Even non-protruding overhead garage doors need this option.Wrong handling of the remote control or the like can cause significant material damage, especially if your car is not yet properly parked in your garage. automatic closing is also possible with certain engine ranges. This selection criterion also requires your full attention.

The range of motorization for overhead garage doors must also include a manual release lever in the event of a power failure. Otherwise, providing a spare battery in the kit will be of great help. Also, some motors are photovoltaic and will be perfectly autonomous during the day.

Don't forget the tilting garage door

Apart from the overhanging and non-overhanging side of the door to be taken into consideration to prevent possible accidents, the size of this specific type of opening must also comply with the technical specifications of the engine. This condition must be followed to the letter in addition to the optimal electrical current requirements. In normal use, the door should reach the intended opening and closing speed.

Note that in the options of a garage door operator device, lighting equipment may accompany the kit in question. These will even replace the lighting in the garage. Anyway, according to this detailed guide, it will always be advisable to choose the product with the most functionality possible. Some ranges can even be linked to home automation for even more comfort and convenience.

Some additional accessories

Be aware that some accessories are not always included with the purchase of your garage overhead door operator kit. However, it is still interesting to dwell on it as the safety or the comfort of use can be optimized. There are for example:

  • The safety photocells which allow the immediate shutdown of the engine during the passage of a vehicle wheel or anything else.
  • The exterior digital code or the lock which allows you to always operate your door even if the main remote control is faulty.
  • The manual control button which will allow you to open or close your garage door in case you forgot your remote control inside the house. When it comes to fixing it to the wall, make sure it is high enough to keep it out of the reach of children. Moreover, in the absence of movement detectors, this device will also allow you to stop accidentally triggered opening or closing movements.
  • The light operation alert, which is mandatory in case you live in a condominium. This functionality is particularly essential to avoid any risk of accident. Indeed, a garage door of this type constitutes a source of significant dangers.

Installing a garage door operator

If you count install your engine yourself garage door, know that different points must be considered. You should also know that you can do it on an already existing door or on a completely new installation. Still, you will need some DIY skills to do it right.

However, it is important to know that setting up this kind of powertrain is not for everyone. In case you have any doubts, call a professional. The main advantage of this solution is that you will benefit from guaranteed work and respecting installation standards. In addition, it is essential to remember that the manufacturer's guarantees only apply when the installation is carried out by a specialist in the field.

The set-up process

For the installation itself, know that for handling your overhead door, especially for a new one, you will have to take care of many. The first step is therefore to place any possible guide rails that attach to the ceiling in general. These will be essential and will act as guides and supports for your door. During this operation, you should surely use a spirit level to perfectly respect the required alignments. When you have all of this basic hardware in place, you will already have a fairly functional manual door.

The installation of the motor

The first thing you will need to do in installing the actuator is mounting the mechanism. Thus, assemble the motor support and the main rail which will receive the carriage and the chain. Here, pay particular attention to respect the dimensions specified by the manufacturer during installation on the ceiling. So don't hesitate to have someone help you, as you will have to work at heights.

Connections to the electrical system

In general, the automation control system is integrated into the box which also contains the motor. This set will be installed inside your garage and will therefore not be subject to severe weather.

For the source of electrical energy, it is advisable to set up or use a wall outlet specifically intended for your garage door. Like any other outlet installed outside the living space of your home, it must be waterproof. Also, it should have a line of its own which should also be connected to a specific circuit breaker on the electrical panel in your house. The circuit breaker is essential for cut off the power supply of your garage door without influencing other installations when this need arises. By following all of the manufacturer's instructions, you should not encounter any problems with the electric motor connections.

When you have completed all the connections, you can test the settings in real time. During this operation, the ideal would be for you to stand near the control button to turn off the system in case of problems. Take the opportunity to check the operation of the safety cell. To do this, manually cut the beam while opening the door. It must therefore stop immediately and must not in any case close automatically. If this happens, it means that the connections were incorrectly made.

The last test you'll need to do is manual unlocking so that you don't get caught off guard when the power goes out.

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