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Difficult to make a choice for your new Dyson ventilator? We wrote this Dyson ventilator special buying guide to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we've done our best to help you choose the best Dyson Ventilator!

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Dyson ventilator buying guide

Buying guide for the best Dyson ventilator

"Safety wise, there is no better than a Dyson ventilator". This is what many people who have invested in the ceiling fan in their daily life say. Unlike other models with a propeller, this type of fan is actually more “Safe”. So when you have a kid who has a tendency to stick his nose in everything he sees at home, it's okay to adore him, although that luxury comes at a price.

Why buy the Dyson bladeless fan?

An air multiply is said without a blade when it does not have a grill or a turbine. This ensures less noise at home. Also, you won't have to polish the screens one by one in order to clean it. In short, there are several reasons why you will prefer the Dyson brand to its peers.

Daily freshness

Who would believe the Dyson fan was around Four years! Indeed, the products are the result of cutting-edge technology that one has the impression of being in front of a modern work of art rather than in front of a device dedicated to infusing a certain freshness in the home. The absence of blades thus significantly reduces noise. Studies even hypothesize that the cool Dyson is 75% quieter than its rivals. This is a real find thanks to which it becomes possible to rest peacefully in your room, without having to endure the summer heat.

A fan with countless benefits

Unlike the air conditioner, the column fan produces cool air to enhance the ambiance of your home. For the cool Dyson model, specially, it is made with 10 power levels. Designed for use of 15 minutes to 9 hours, the store provides it with a remote control upon purchase. But that's not all. If to be powerful in the clutch of hot air, an ordinary tower fan must weigh 13 kilos, the Cool model weighs only 5 kg. Whether your choice is a free-standing prototype or a tabletop model, its lightness is such that you can move it from room to room. All this ease, you will get for at least 300 euros.

The Dyson Cool range of fans

If there is a list of most popular fans of the moment, the Cool model is certainly in the winning trio. As aesthetic as it is efficient, its production of fresh air is distinguished by a meticulous setting that we can only appreciate. The brand also presents its prototype AM06 and AM07. Much more interesting than its ancestor in the matter, the AM01, the first product weighs only 1.83 kg, which makes it a real table fan. However, it is no less expensive, with its 26 W. In addition, with the brand new Air Multiplier technology, the device offers up to 370 l of air per second, which, above all, is remote programmable via remote control.

The same system is found in the silver-white AM07, only this second is distinguished by its powerful 65 W motor and its air flow rate which is estimated at 500 l / s. As powerful as this one: the AM08 pedestal heating fan. Known for its low power consumption, it is loved for being very quiet, where it greatly outperforms the AM03. As for its weight, it is 3.87 kg. Finally, to be able to refresh a 38m2 room, nothing better than the AM09? Heavy at 2.7 kg, the buttons will allow you to adjust the interior temperature from 1 ° C to 37 ° C, according to your needs.

A Dyson device that thinks about your health

The fan is essential if it allows you to get rid of various atmospheric pollutants, blowing clean air into the home. This is the main mission of the pure link cooler of Cool Dyson. Effectively, very energy efficient, its power oscillates between 0.5W (standby mode) and 40 watts (switching on). Equipped with the 360 ??° HEPA filter made of fiberglass, this bladeless model cleans the air that allergy sufferers breathe at home, removing any soiling of less than 0.1 microns such as pollens, bacteria and other microbes. Ultra portable, this 61.6cm gadget weighs only 2000g, making it a portable multifunction device and a daily health ally.

Dyson, your wallet's ally

Still in the USB table fan category, the Beem Air Joy Hot & Cool fan allows obtaining a homogeneous air flow. That said, the convector is equipped with adjustment parameters and a power of 1200w that it becomes possible to increase or reduce the temperature gradually. Also, like your TV's timer, you can set the ventilator to stop working in 1 or 2 hours. This option has no impact on the life of the small appliance.

In addition, in the event of a shock, Rowenta fan is equipped with an automatic safety shutdown system, thus putting the safety of its user in priority. The lack of rotating grids means you can afford to touch it once in a while. This prototype is compact, suspended, easy to clean and can rotate up to an angle of 90 °. And all this you will get for just 220 euros.

Dyson, number 1 supplier of household appliances

Although we are talking about fans here, the brand has a great reputation for other products. Indeed, present on the market since the 91s, it quickly finds success, and not only with mothers. This success, James Dyson owes it to its key words, which consist in creating new technologies, while respecting yesterday's products. Dyson is renowned for its lighting gadgets, heating and air conditioning, hand dryer and even its stick vacuum cleaner that combines innovation with performance. Of "top of the line"is the expression that best describes their skills. While the brand's hand-held vacuum cleaner is more powerful than an ordinary cordless electric broom, it stands out for its ergonomics and lightness. As for air treatment specialists, the brand has a whole range in its catalog. You will be seduced by the silent nature of Dyson electric heating and ventilation.

The operation of a bladeless fan

The trend is towards bladeless fans like those offered by Dyson. They feature a more modern design while ensuring more comfortable, reliable and quieter use. Indeed, these fans offer the same functionality as a regular fan, except that they do not have any propellers. How is it possible ? How does a bladeless fan actually work?

The presence of pale

A Dyson fan is said to be bladeless because it does not have a main propeller on the outside. However, if the device is dismantled, it does contain a propeller with blades inside. It is in the plinth which is responsible for stirring the air. The latter is then diffused upwards through a kind of hoop and comes out through a small opening around the entire contour of the fan. The operation of the device, from a mechanical point of view, therefore does not differ from a model of lambda fan. It just uses a more elaborate process and combines newer technologies.

The Coand effect?

The presence of a bladed propeller in the Dyson ventilator is not sufficient to obtain the airflow necessary for its use. Indeed, in order to fit within the device, the propeller was designed tiny. The manufacturers have therefore found a trick to boost this air flow via what is called The Coand effect?.

When the air created by the bladed propeller exits the hoop through the slit around the entire perimeter of the fan, it entrains the surrounding air by friction, but also by hoop features. As the latter is flared, the air coming out of it sticks to its edges and tends to flare as well. As a result, the air molecules move apart, the pressure drops, and then a vacuum forms in the front of the device, which helps to suck in more air.

The Coand effect? is then a multiplier effect. All you need is a small bladed propeller discreetly inserted into the base and which stirs a minimum of air to then obtain a substantial flow of air at the outlet. This phenomenon is efficient and effective; some even plan to use it for the operation of airplanes or drones.

In addition, thanks to this effect, the fans without blades allow benefit from a more regular air flow than regular fans that simply move air by blowing pockets of air. The air path at the base and the hoop makes it so much smoother and more enjoyable when it reaches you.

Noise reduction

Dyson brand fans are known to be quiet. They make no noise and are comfortable to use. To achieve such a result, the manufacturers used a very simple, but effective and ingenious trick: the ocarina. This phenomenon is illustrated by blowing into a bottle: this produces a sound that can be varied depending on the level of water contained in the bottle. The point is that a quantity of air enters the latter; an overpressure then occurs and the air is forced out. The pressure in the bottle then decreases, which will again draw in air and so on.

It is this same principle that makes an ocarina work. The latter constitutes a Helmholtz resonator : the volume and the geometry of the resonant cavity determine the frequency of the sound emitted. Conversely, if a sound is emitted by vibration of air near a Helmholtz resonator and this vibration has a frequency equal to that of the resonator, the two sounds (that of the resonator and the initial sound) cancel each other out. .

This principle is used in many fields, in particular that of acoustics and that of noise reduction (concert halls, jet engines, vehicle exhausts, etc.). It is also used by Dyson in order to make its fan models without pale silent. Thanks to the shape of the socket cavity, the sounds of the electric motor can be canceled. The result is a device that makes virtually no noise.

Maintaining a bladeless fan

A fan, regardless of which model you lean for, uses the same principle of operation: stir some air. At the same time, if the model is dirty, the device will also take care of diffusing dust, pollen, smoke, humidity as well as other particles and forms of pollution. It is therefore important to clean this type of device on a regular basis.

Before the first use of the year, that is, after a long period of non-use, it is mandatory to dust the device frequently, at least once a week. This will ensure that it works properly and that all dirt that may have clung to the walls of the appliance is completely removed.

In addition to the health aspect of cleaning a fanit is also important to do so for economic reasons. Indeed, when the device is dirty, it does not work properly, because its blades are slowed down by dust. This results in higher energy consumption and long-term failure. Also be aware that a dirty fan may interfere with the operation of the device and thus compromise its quiet property.

Fortunately, bladeless fans are easy to maintain. However, they require a regular wipe of the cloth. In addition, from an aesthetic point of view, it is preferable to wear clean equipment. And when the dirt is stubborn, take a damp cloth to overcome it. Wrap the lightly moistened cloth around and inside the Dyson device. It should be noted that maintenance of a device must be done when it is switched off and unplugged. Make sure it is completely dry before plugging it in again.

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