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Difficult to make a choice for your new Ceramic Radiator? We wrote this Ceramic Radiator special buying guide to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we have done our best to help you choose the best Ceramic Heater!

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Ceramic radiator buying guide

Buying guide for choosing the best ceramic heater

If you are looking for a heater that is both efficient and inexpensive, the ceramic heater is a great idea.Part of the family of the electric inertia radiator, the device stands out from the others with its dry inertia system.The ceramic radiator differs from its heart.ceramic heater core.The heat is accumulated in the refractory bricks which are ceramic.This mechanism allows the gentle heat to be distributed evenly, constantly and optimally.The ceramic heater is classified as the most efficient electric inertia heater on the market.This type of heating radiator is able to retain heat well and offers a homogeneous temperature distribution.

Unlike other electric heaters, this type of dry inertia heater has much more advanced technology. This is why it consumes little energy for better value for money. Therefore, if your heaters are still old models, it is best to replace them with the latest innovation version. The ceramic heater meets the current criteria for energy saving. It is particularly created to exceed a fuel temperature.

As for its use, the ceramic radiator is in most cases equipped with a programming unit and a room thermostat. Thanks to this temperature setting mode, you have on the one hand the possibility of reducing your electricity consumption and adjusting the temperature to your suits. On the other hand, you can limit the risks of possible overheating accidents. The ceramic heater will then make a good investment for you.

How to choose the best ceramic heater


When buying heaters, there are a number of points that should be carefully considered to find a quality dry inertia heater.

Clearly define the needs

To choose a radiator, we recommend that you clearly identify your needs and your specific requirements. You must start by determining the dimensions of the space to be heated. The new inertia heater should match the size of the room. There are countless models that are designed just for a large room. And on the other hand, others are dedicated for a small bedroom. It is obvious that the price of these two categories is not the same. However, the cost of the dry inertia heater should not be an obstacle for you to enjoy thermal comfort at home.

The second element to study concerns your lifestyle. Before choosing a ceramic heater, it is necessary to consider whether you stay at home all the time or if you are away because of work. This questioning is a key point in order to avoid electricity consumption during periods of absence.

The power of the ceramic heater

It is good to clarify that the mechanism of the ceramic heater or dry inertia heater is quite the opposite of the electric convector heater.The latter's electrical resistance heats the air directly.For this purpose, the heat is dispersed in the room very quickly.On the other hand, the ceramic heater, which operates with dry inertia, heats with little intensity, but continuously.This information determines the power of the ceramic heater.Even if the value in Watt is not in great quantity, the inertia radiator is designed to provide gentle heat evenly.Then, the power also depends on the room to be heated.To calculate it, a power at 40 w is equivalent to 1m3.Effectively, the power defines the heating capacity of the ceramic radiator.The best models can reach up to 1500w or 2000w.

The last thing to consider is the insulation of your home. If you haven't insulated your roof or walls well, opt for a higher wattage ceramic heater. Conversely, take a radiator with a lower power. To limit electricity consumption, it is best to plan the installation work.


More and more buyers are referring to the visual appearance of the dry inertia heater now.Apart from its practicality, its aesthetic side matters a lot before choosing a radiator.These heaters have become a very popular decorative element.Many homes combine the color of the equipment with the overall style of the interior design.For a modern look, the sleek design ceramic heater in white or gray will do the trick.In the same vein, the design of the towel radiator must match the color of the bathroom accessories.You must also take into account the size of the room.A space-saving ceramic heater is perfect for small spaces.On the other hand, you can favor large models if your room is large.

Ease of use

The latest innovation ceramic radiators are fitted with a room thermostat. Thanks to such, it is easy for you to regulate the heat for more thermal comfort. Even though the dry inertia heater consumes little energy, you still need to adjust the temperature properly to save more energy. To carry it out, all you have to do is use the room thermostat of the ceramic heater.

In addition, it is strongly recommended to opt for an easy to install dry inertia radiator. Obviously, there is nothing better than hiring a professional for its editing. This will prevent you from possible accidents. Less heavy and space-saving heaters are actually easy to assemble.

The price of a ceramic heater

Multiple criteria define the price of the ceramic heater.First, the brand is one of those key elements.The more well-known the manufacturers, the more expensive the price of the inertia radiator.According to reviews, ceramic heaters from Rowenta, Lasko, Bestron, DeLongh and Honeywell can be pricey, but they often perform well.Then, the power of the inertia radiator also determines its amount.To conclude, its technologies used during the design, the level of range and the additional options set the cost of the ceramic radiator similarly.Either way, multiple models can meet every buyer's need and budget.To find the best ceramic radiator, all you have to do is look at the selection criteria mentioned above.

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