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Difficult to make a choice for your new Cam Motor? We wrote this Special Cam Motor buying guide to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we have done our best to help you choose the best Cam Motor!

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Cam motor buying guide

A Came motor is the part you need to automate your gate. This way, you don't have to move to open your portal. All you need to do is use a key, badge, remote control or your smartphone. However, there are several gate automation models available on the market. There are also different powers, different brands and several options. Discover in our comparison all the elements to remember to choose the best cam motor adapted to your needs.

Compatibility with the type of gates to be motorized

First, you need to start by identifying the type of portal you have. In fact, the automation of a portal usually goes by its nature. There are in particular sliding gates and swing gates. Each of these models has its own peculiarities. Also, to automate them, it will be necessary to take into account several criteria such as the compatibility of the automation system, the opening direction of the gate, its weight and its robustness, its speed, its opening speed, its power supply and its opening control means.

It is therefore important to check whether the solution you choose is really effective for your portal. Take a test and see if the security is maximum, if the automation system you choose allows constant control of your gate, if it also offers an absolute level of comfort in use, etc.

These are the first essential criteria to check when choosing the best cam motor for you.

Cam motor for what type of gate?

So, do you need the best cam motor for a sliding gate, for a swing gate, a garage door, for awning and shutter? Once you have identified your needs, you must now orient your choice towards the different cam motor models available on the market.

The Came brand is a big reference when it comes to automation products. It offers automation systems for doors and gates, for blinds and shutters, video door entry systems and intercoms, home automation and security products, as well as access and turnstile control systems.

Generally, you have two types of motorisation systems for swing gates: actuator motorisation and arm motorisation. But you can also choose the underground motor, the sliding motor or rack motor, or even the garage door motor.

Arm motorization is so called because it takes up the movement of human arms. Generally, this type of motorization adapts to all types of gate (solid or perforated). The actuator is equipped with a carriage, which is a fixing lug that allows the gate to be moved in the direction you want. As for the sliding motor, it is actuated by a pinion, which is engaged on a rack rail. And finally, the buried motorization is, as its name suggests, buried in the ground. It’s the most discreet kind of engine. However, it is necessary to plan a larger budget to benefit from it.

The Came brand offers different engine models adapted to everyone's needs. In particular, it offers gates and automatic gates for residential use, which can be with solid leaves, wrought iron, openwork, etc. It also provides you with swing gates for collective and intensive use, which are perfectly suited to hangars and industrialists.

For sliding gates, many models are also available. They stand out above all for their power and reliability, but also for their robustness, the safety they offer and their silent mode.

How to choose the best cam motor?

To choose the best Cam motor, remember that the type of automation you are going to buy must perfectly match the model of gate you have, its characteristics and its environment. Here is a list of criteria that can help you test if this is the right automation for your portal:

The electronic card

Start by checking whether the electronic card is working correctly. Indeed, it is the brain of the facility. It manages the power to the motors and determines the direction of operation of the automation system. It is also the part that guarantees the safety of your installation. It is from the electronic card that you can control your gate remotely.


It is also helpful to check the power to your gate automation system. Usually, the transformer on your electronic board receives 230 V to deliver only 12 to 24 V. Usually, the transformers are already integrated into the printed circuit to supply the accessories of your motor kit. However, be aware that you can also power your automation system with solar kits or a battery.

With these elements in your comparison, you are sure to find the best Came motor that will make your daily life easier.

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