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Difficult to make a choice for your new Automatic Gate? We wrote this Special Buying Guide Gate Automation to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we have done our best to help you choose the best Gate Automation!

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Motorizing your gate is a wise alternative, especially if you want to avoid going back and forth to open and close it. Choose the better gate automation is however hardly obvious given the plethora of offers on the Comparative. This guide will help you in your choice by taking into account the different selection criteria.

What type of gate do you want to motorize?

Before focusing on the different gate automation models available on the Comparative, first pay attention to the characteristics of the gate you want to motorize. The motorization of the gate will in fact be determined by the type of gate and the materials it is made of.

The type of gate

First, check whether your gate is sliding or hinged. If you are going to buy your gate at the same time as the operator system, give more importance to the choice of the new gate. Space-saving and practical, the sliding gate requires a good depth and more space on the side. The rail, sealed to the ground, will provide guidance when opening and closing the gate. If your choice is a sliding gate and you cannot install a guide rail, make a test on self-supporting sliding gates. These are light, but require an extra length in order to stay in balance.

The swing gate has two leaves. Attractive and widely used, the latter offers an opening to the interior or to the exterior ranging from 90 to 180 °. At the time of Comparative, favor swing gates with a standard size. Also make sure that this type of gate does not present any discomfort, especially if you choose an opening to the outside.

The material

To find the better gate automation, it is also important to determine the type of material the gate is made of. The material will also allow you to get an idea of ??the weight of the latter. Each gate has its own motor.

The particularly light PVC gate does not have the same characteristics as a much heavier steel gate. Remember, therefore, to choose the material that will make up your gate in order to avoid encountering any problems when fixing the motor.

If your choice is a steel or wrought iron swing gate, choose a cylinder gate automation. Exerting a significant force on the hinges, this model is indeed very suitable for solid and heavier gates. The actuator motorization is not recommended on wooden or PVC gates. Fixed in the continuity of the gate, the best Cylinder motorization is discreet and does not present any bulk when opening.

The arm motorization will be perfect for your new PVC or wooden swing gate. Reproducing the movement of a human arm, the articulated arms are positioned on each leaf. Here again, you can make a Comparative On the best electromechanical and hydraulic arm gate automations. A test on hydraulic arm drives is essential if you are looking for the most efficient device. The hand motorization nevertheless requires an inlet of 220 V.

Are you looking for a gate automation perfectly suited to all types of materials? Bet more on the wheel drive, underground or integrated. Particularly aesthetic, the underground motorisation and the integrated motorisation offer you considerable space savings. The better wheel gate automation, meanwhile, can easily be installed on all types of terrain.

Other selection criteria

Once you have determined the type of gate and the material it is made from, you must then pay attention to the size and weight of the latter before installing your new gate operator. Sliding gates are generally more resistant and less restrictive than swing gates.

The weight will be decisive for the proper functioning of the engine. If you opt for a sliding gate, pay attention to the weight and length of the leaf when Comparative. You will easily find a model capable of automating a gate that can reach 5 meters and weigh up to 500 kg.  

The choice of better Gate automation will also be influenced by the desired opening speed, the power supply system, the opening rate and the opening control means. The motor will wear out quickly if you install it on a gate that opens several times. Also pay more attention to speed, as some gate automations are very slow.

Aesthetics can also influence your choice at the time of test. If you did not plan to install a motor when installing your gate, the latter may require some masonry work. As for the opening controls, you can choose a model with a remote control or with a coded box.

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