Make Mother's Day unforgettable with Hama beads

gift for mothers day

As soon as Mother's Day begins, it is customary to start looking for what gift to give for that special occasion. With Hama beads, you can make the celebration of this day like no other memorable and unique. To this end, here are some ideas for gift ideas followed by creation tutorials in Hama beads.

A geek photo frame

Especially for Mother's Day, you can use the large reservoir of creative ideas possible with Hama beads to celebrate in a warm and different way the one to whom you owe your life. The Geek photo frame in Hama beads is a great gift idea to make Mother's Day unique.
With a sublime decoration, the mini beads can bring a dress rich in emotional colors to the frame to convey the importance of a mother in life. Once completed, the frame will be used to make fabulous all the photos that are intended for it.

Aesthetic engraving

Creating a Hama bead engraving with a warm image of flowers accompanied by a few words for mom is not a bad idea. With the magic of pearl shine, you can light up your engraving with colors and patterns that are sure to brighten up any mother.
By combining the creative imagination with Hama beads, all the decoration follies are possible to make Mother's Day fascinating.

Other creative ideas

Other decorative items or gifts for moms should also be taken. It is well known that mothers are very attached to flowers. In this logic, creating pearl flowers or flower pots in Hama plastic tube is a pretty interesting idea for Mother's Day.
In addition, with the hearts made in hama beads mini, we always get a sweet satisfaction from mothers. But instead of flowers and hearts, innovation can come from creating pretty little stars in touching colors, a bit like a reminder that a mother is the star that lights up the life of every being.

The manufacturing tutorial

Once you have identified the decorative ideas and gifts for the celebration of Mother's Day, you still have to realize them. With the plastic tubes for creative hobbies, the technique is very simple. First of all, you have to establish the skeleton of the piece you plan to create (photo frame, engraving or hearts etc.) while keeping in mind that their dimensions must cover the original texture well.
Following this, proceed to filling and coloring the skeleton. Once the desired result has been obtained, it will be necessary to heat the iron and gather the Hama ironing beads around the heat source thus formed. Ironing allows you to connect and fix the pearls together.
When the ironing ends, we proceed to peel the frame from the plastic plate. Then, it should be placed on a flat surface to compress it with a large object to prevent cooling from distorting it. As soon as the cooling ends, we can apply a few drops of glue to finish the creation.