Internet divorce: a simple solution to divorce

Divorce online has become one of the most widely used forms of divorce in France since it was approved on 1er January 2017. This new procedure amended certain articles of the Civil Code and the Code of Civil Procedure in matters of separation and divorce. Based on these rules, divorce proceedings can be initiated to dissolve a marriage without giving any reason and without prior judicial separation, provided that three months have elapsed since the marriage was celebrated in the majority of cases. Basically, it's a system that works well with mutual consent divorce between spouses.

Principle of online divorce breakup

In internet divorce matters, sometimes referred to as express divorce, this type of divorce is handled online, always in constant communication with the parties' lawyer, who will be responsible for drafting and presenting the divorce regulatory agreement. to the courts with the relevant documentation.It should be noted that any agreements or pacts entered into by the couple who wish to effect a definitive alteration of the marital bond should be fully reflected in the regulatory agreement on divorce, following the request for divorce and the drafting of the agreement. .A divorce file that should in no way harm any spouse more.It is also important to know that this quick divorce is mainly suitable for couples without children, who have no assets abroad, and who are not over-indebted.

A flexible and profitable operation

The costs of Internet divorce and attorney fees are much lower than conventional divorces, and it is precisely for this reason that it is increasingly chosen by couples considering a separation. It is a very comfortable and non-confrontational process, far from the consequences of divorce which can be disastrous, and which can be carried out at home. Transfers are not necessary, thus preventing both spouses from combining schedules. However, to benefit from the best services in the field, as with a internet divorce with Alexia, it is sometimes necessary to go through a comparison.  

A non-tedious and comfortable procedure

Internet divorce allows you to go through all the details of the divorce settlement calmly and without any rush, and always in privacy.The documents necessary to complete the procedures are sent by email so that they can study in peace before proceeding to their signature.Each party may take the time to carefully consult all the important points mentioned in their respective documents, and to mention certain remarks therein, advising the lawyer, before validating it definitively. family judge demands it.

Always trust a professional

En cas de doute ou d’incompréhension sur le fait de divorcer par consentement sur internet, il est toujours recommandé de consulter une aide juridictionnelle. On entend par là un avocat spécialisé en divorce amiable, en droit de la famille, ou se rendre ici pour en savoir plus sur le divorce en ligne et la convention de divorce. Cela permettra de lever certains doutes avant la prise de décision quant à la liquidation du régime matrimonial. Ce qu’il faut savoir c’est que les procédures de divorce sur Internet sont beaucoup plus simples, plus faciles, moins chers, plus sûrs, plus confortables, plus rapides et plus privés…, donc, une option à prendre en compte.