How to wake up to start the day right

Being torn from Morpheus' arms by a shrill noise is an invention that dates back to the 19th century. Since then, researchers have never stopped inventing to make this moment that marks the start of a day more enjoyable. Nowadays, the clocks are used as decoration and one uses instead a more evolved alarm clock. What a pleasure to open your eyes with grace with a delicious smell of toast!

After the musical morning alarm clock, then the nature sound alarm clock and recently the dawn simulator for a gradual awakening to light, Sensorwake has created the first scent alarm clock, which brings you to sleep with the scent of your choice. Thanks to a stimulating fragrance, a soft light and a light melody, the olfactory awakening of Sensorwake gently extracts you from your dreams and very gradually your senses wake you from your sleep.

Seaside or hot chocolate aroma alarm clock

With Sensorwake, waking up is no longer a chore and even turns into a pleasant moment. How is it possible ? Guillaume Rolland, a 20-year-old entrepreneur from Nantes, had the brilliant idea of ??associating a pleasant smell with this painful moment. Also, thanks to a capsule system, its wake up replace the alarm with the scent of toast, croissants or cut grass. The capsules are made in France, 100% recyclable and suitable for 30 uses.

To complete this innovative and daring idea, the young Nantes has also integrated more classic functions on its alarm clock: a musical alarm if ever the perfume does not wake you up, a backlit screen.

An international success

On the strength of his innovation, Guillaume was noticed at CES in Las Vegas, which brings together the world's top start-ups every year.He has since created Oria, a connected object whose promise is to give you better nights, by diffusing soothing scents in the bedroom.The young Frenchman has indeed grasped what is at stake in the sleep market, knowing that one in three people say they are sleeping poorly.However, scientific studies have shown that scents can really affect the quality of rest and the ease of falling asleep.In any case, spontaneously, we are quite ready to believe that they mainly evoke emotions and memories, which will help at bedtime or in the morning when waking up.