How to resolve a dispute in everyday life?

Sometimes our daily life is punctuated with more or less important little worries that we cannot resolve through dialogue. A neighborhood disagreement, poor craftsmanship or a bad salary relationship, find out how to get out of it as easily as possible.

What are the disputes of everyday life?

The disputes of everyday life are manifold and can appear at any time of your life. Here is a small list of non-exhaustive examples of everyday disputes that can be resolved online with the intervention of specialized teams:

  • Disagreement with a mechanic: your vehicle has returned from damaged repairs or with a service that does not meet the initial estimate;
  • Lost or delayed package: you have placed an order on an online ordering site but you did not receive your package on time or it is simply totally lost;
  • Neighborhood problem: you maintain a conflictual relationship with your neighbors which make regular noise at night or which deteriorate your living environment;
  • Problems related to work ; you called on the services of a craftsman who abandoned the site or who did not respect the fixed estimate;
  • You maintain a conflictual relationship with your employer that does not pay you your salary as agreed or creates a sub-optimal work climate.

Solutions can be found easily and directly online. Specialized platforms on the Internet can allow you to find a solution to an uncomfortable situation that can last and degrade your living conditions.

Resolve small conflicts amicably

When it comes to daily disputes, the most important thing is to implement means of communication with your opponent. Indeed, make your dissatisfaction known and the terms of your request to the opposing party is essential not only to respect the adversarial principle, an essential concept in French law, but also to be able to be implemented in the event of a referral to the competent court thereafter.

You should start by making contact with your opponent, in a more official way than a simple phone call, email or mail. For that, the notice is particularly effective, allowing you to explain the terms of your disagreement and to request payment or performance of the expected service under penalty of legal proceedings.

The formal notice allows amicable resolution most day-to-day disputes, but to put the odds in your favor, it is recommended that you call on the services of experts, such as the Justice Express teams who are specialized in the drafting of these acts and which allow you so don't go wrong.

Indeed, to be valid and admissible in court when the time comes, the formal notice must contain a certain number of legal notices but also be delivered with certainty, the proof of delivery can be established using a delivery by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt or by usher way.

Indeed, in a number of cases, the formal notice is not sufficient to convince your opponent who will not give you a satisfactory answer. In this case, it will then be necessary turn to the competent court in order to obtain the resolution of your daily dispute, the formal notice intervening as proof of your good faith and your attempt at conciliation, a step often essential and requested as proof by the judicial authorities before initiating legal proceedings.

Why trust an online platform?

The services of an online platform such as Justice Express will help you resolve your day-to-day disputes. First of all, this type of service allows you to clarify the terms of your dispute, by selecting the category that most closely matches your personal conflict and will thus allow you to receive appropriate support.

In addition, a platform like Justice Express is the solution to resolve everyday conflicts because this online site has a wealth of experience in many areas of daily life: from employment contracts to litigation with an online merchant, including of course a dispute with a garage owner or a travel agency.

This type of online service will allow you to easily resolve many types of disputes, without needing to hire a lawyer. You will be able to proceed to the formal notice of your opponent, in due form but also to continue your legal action in the event of an unsatisfactory response. The teams of specialists will thus take care of entering the competent court to hear your dispute, giving you the evidence to provide to the Court to defend your interests, without the need for the intervention of a lawyer.