How to manage the relocation of a business?

Are you preparing to relocate a business, but don't know where to start? Regardless of the business sector of the company or its size, organizing a move cannot be improvised. There are some important factors you will need to take into account to ensure that operations run smoothly.

Discover our various tips to facilitate the logistics necessary for your business move.

Charge in the old company premises

The organization

Moving a business requires a certain rigor and a foolproof organization. If your business is located in a commercial building, you will need to ensure that you comply with the established rules so as not to disturb other companies present. So leave your loading vehicles well parked downstairs and carry out a preliminary study on the organization of the premises. This will make your job easier when the time comes to lower all the equipment as quickly as possible and without causing any damage.

The equipment

To take down the equipment of the company, you will need to have adequate equipment. Straps, harnesses, protective shoes, gloves and other tools of all kinds will come in handy. You can find all these accessories on specialized sites.

The cleanliness

It is important to leave the old company premises in perfect condition. Your reputation is at stake. When moving, it is often easier to unload equipment from the old premises than to load it into the new. Indeed, these are sometimes still under construction and require more advanced equipment.

The journey to the new company premises

During the journey, be sure to adopt a safe driving style, as you will be the guarantor of the company's assets at this time. So keep a relatively low speed and check your route so that you take roads where it is comfortable to drive. In summary, act as if this is your own move.

Unload in the new premises of the company

The organization

For unloading, conditions can get complicated. Indeed, the old premises were functional, but the new ones are sometimes freshly finished and not fully equipped.

You will therefore need to check the condition of the premises to make sure of certain factors that are essential to the success of your move. First, make sure the building is large enough to load material through the door. Otherwise, a crane truck will have to be used. Also check if the building is equipped with electricity and water. If this is not the case, you need to plan additional equipment for your employees.

The equipment

If the premises are not functional, that is to say without electricity or water, you will need to use specific equipment. A generator and portable lights will provide you with electricity. It will be useful for you during the day to go to rooms that do not have windows.

The second compulsory item of equipment concerns the toilets. In the absence of running water, you have a legal obligation to provide for your employees. There are therefore several solutions of mobile toilet equipped with a sink to ensure optimal hygiene.

A successful move

Moving a business therefore requires some organization. You must constantly adapt to situations and provide the necessary equipment to deal with any eventuality.

To ensure good logistics during the transformation of your business, you will need to plan the action plan in advance. Thus, you will gain in productivity and be able to avoid certain setbacks.