How to fight against fatigue and protect your immune system?

fight against fatigue

Certain periods of intense work or accumulated stress can generate permanent fatigue with a feeling of being overwhelmed by events, of waking up exhausted and of no longer dealing with everyday problems. This type of situation also endangers health because they lower the immune defenses and without them the body becomes fragile. This makes it easier to catch an infection from bacteria or viruses. To avoid this, it is advisable to take care of your health by having an irreproachable hygiene of life and a varied diet.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle

For fight against fatigue, it is advisable to come back to basic principles that we all know but that we sometimes have difficulty applying. Among these, sleep is obviously the key to success. The body and mind need to breathe and pause for a minimum of 4 hours and ideally 8 hours. If we do not all have the same needs in terms of sleep, what matters most is the quality of it more than the quantity.

For deep sleep, you must avoid eating too rich and too close to falling asleep: in this the rhythm of the Nordic countries where you dine around 6 p.m. is perfectly suited to the body because digestion does not disturb sleep. Alcohol consumption is also not recommended for a calm night, as is the use of cell phones, tablets or computers. The ideal is to fall asleep while reading or listening to music, but unfortunately the temptation is often great to succumb to the call of our digital devices!

Among other simple rules to avoid fatigue, it is recommended to play sports regularly or at least 30 minutes of daily physical activity such as walking for example. And finally, diet is essential for feeling fit and obtaining a high level of immune defense.

Food should be varied, not rich in refined sugars and fat. Ideally, it is advisable to consume a maximum of fruits and vegetables and to reduce the meals with red meat.

Consume food supplements

To protect the immune system, the consumption of products rich in fiber, trace elements and zinc should be sufficient. Oysters, for example, are one of the foods with the most zinc, but not everyone likes them. To compensate for certain deficiencies of which we may be a victim because the body does not properly assimilate certain molecules or minerals (such as iron for example) it is now common to resort to food supplements.

It is indeed more and more frequent to take a course of vitamins and minerals before winter as a preventive measure or when one feels too much fatigue. The ideal is to find in nature what it can offer us directly without resorting to synthetic vitamins. Many plants and fruits such as Noni, fruit from the tree Morinda citrifolia, can indeed help maintain the body with a high level of immune defenses. These rare and precious fruits are now consumable in the form of powder encapsulated in capsules. So there is no longer any excuse to be fit all year round.