How to choose the right gaming chair?

How to choose the right gaming chair

Gaming, which comes from the English word "game", is the hobby of video games, whether it is played from a console connected to a television or directly on a computer.Gaming enthusiasts can devote hours to this, so it's important to take care of your body, especially your posture, when sitting for long periods of time.Just like a day of work spent behind your desktop computer, gaming can become a source of pain in your back, arms or wrists.In order to prevent your games from turning into a torture session, it is essential to choose the right chair.Here are some tips for choosing the best gaming chair.

The technical characteristics of a good gaming chair

The first criterion found in a guide to buying the best gaming chair is that of morphology. Indeed, a good chair must be able to adapt perfectly to each person's body and fit into it to support it, mainly in the lumbar region.

It is indeed the back and shoulders that suffer first from prolonged sitting positions. Each of us having a different body (height, length of legs and arms, weight), it is essential to acquire a modular chair. All major parts of the gaming chair should be able to adapt to the specific needs of the gamer. Among the essential adjustment points are the height of the seat, the inclination of the backrest or the height adjustment of the armrests.

The best models of chairs will also have a feature aiming to accompany the movements of the body when the player has to move: the backrest can thus tilt backwards just like the seat, these two elements being synchronized and linked between them or not.

Being able to relieve your lower back by putting yourself in a more lying position is essential and this need is felt on average after an hour of play. The ideal is also to choose a chair with an integrated cushion in the lower back or with a functionality. inflation or even massage! Do not forget either the cervical and the best chairs will also have an adjustable cushion to position in the lower neck.

Aesthetic and robustness characteristics

Depending on your weight, the gaming chair will be more or less strained. If you have an XXL format, you really should not hesitate to check that your armchair is made with a metal frame. Not only the general frame must be robust but also the piston which makes it possible to adjust the chair in height.

Likewise, plastic casters should be avoided and it is advisable to choose a brand offering additional optional casters. If your chair is in perfect condition, it would be a shame to part with it for a simple caster that would have failed.

The last point not to be overlooked is the covering of your chair. What to choose between leather, imitation leather or fabric? Each option has advantages such as ease of maintenance for the faux leather and better abrasion resistance. In summer, this material will quickly become unbearable because it is not very breathable and will increase the sweating. It would almost be ideal to have a model for every cold and hot season.