How to choose the right duvet cover?

child duvet cover

To get a good night's sleep, you need to sleep in quality bedding. Whether it concerns the choice of mattress, duvet, bed set or duvet cover, there are certain imperatives to remember. Here are some tips that should help you choose your duvet cover.

How to choose the right material for your duvet cover?

Already, in terms of the composition of the duvet cover, as there is a plethora of products today, you can easily find everything. Organic cotton, cotton percale, fair trade cotton, satin, linen, polycotton, bamboo viscose or bamboo fibers: everything is good for sleeping in nice sheets! The choice of the ideal duvet cover should take into account the desired level of comfort and softness, but also the ease of maintenance of the bed linen.

duvet cover for childCotton is a natural material par excellence and its main quality comes from the fact that it is both soft and resistant. Organic cotton for its part, comes from ecological cultivation. By choosing to opt for this type of material, we are helping to save the planet and immediately treat ourselves to a night of comfort in a soft and silky bed set. Maintenance is nevertheless quite tedious, just like with flax which requires specific treatment. Likewise, fair trade cotton is just as environmentally friendly while dyed woven cotton is soft and supple to the touch. They are often found on children's duvet covers and other fitted sheets. Other materials such as cotton jersey, cotton percale, cotton sateen and polycotton are just as essential, but your needs have yet to be defined.

What dimensions to choose for your duvet cover?

In terms of patterns and colors, it all depends on the type of rendering sought. For the child's room, it is better to opt for children's duvet covers and bed sets in the colors of his favorite heroes or at least, enhanced with pretty dapper colors. For the adults' bedroom, a sober and chic duvet cover, enhanced with minimalist patterns or which comes in soft colors will be perfect.

Regarding the dimensions of the duvet cover. A 140 x 200 cm or 200 x 200 cm cover is perfect for a single bed, with an overhang on all sides to keep the duvet in place. For a double bed, you will need a duvet cover of dimensions 200 x 200 cm or 240 x 220 cm for a bed with a width of 140 cm while for a bed with a width of 160 cm, you will need a Duvet cover of dimensions 240 X 220 cm or 260 X 240 cm. Finally, for a bed of 180 cm width, you will need a duvet cover measuring 260 x 240 cm.