How to choose a steam generator?

To many people, a steam generator may seem like a new take on the regular steam iron. But that's not really the case. While it is true that the two devices do the same job of ironing clothes, the way they work is different.

Steam generators have been designed to make your life easier by allowing you to finish your ironing as quickly as possible. They produce more steam, and when faced with a large pile of laundry, the more steam you have, the better. They are more efficient and arguably better than regular irons. Find out here how to choose the best steam generator for your purchase.

Tank capacity

The capacity of the water tank is an important characteristic when it comes to steam generators. Simply put, this is how much water the tank can hold at one time. These tanks are available in different sizes, although the typical tank size can hold 800ml to 1L of water. Some models also have tanks with a capacity of up to 2 L.

A water tank that can hold approximately 1.8 L of water allows you to iron for approximately three hours.While 3 hours may seem like a long time, it is usually enough time to iron the clothes of a typical family.While considering the size of the tub, you also need to consider that a larger tub means more weight.Therefore, you should choose a size which is comfortable for you.Also, a detachable tank makes refilling a lot easier, as you can simply haul it to the kitchen or bathroom sink to fill it up.Many models are equipped with removable tanks.

However, some models do not have this feature, which means that filling with water can be difficult. So look for a model equipped with a water level indicator. Some models are equipped with an LED indicator that lights up when there is not enough water.

Bar pressure and continuous high power steam production

Bar pressure is another key element in comparing one device to another. The higher the bar pressure, the greater the steam pressure generated by the machine.

It is the constant flow of high pressure steam that makes ironing faster and more efficient, as it easily penetrates thick layers and deep creases.

With the push of a button, you will have uninterrupted and powerful steam allowing you to iron your laundry in record time. This superior steam power allows you to achieve high quality steam ironing at home or at work.

Uniform distribution of steam

Choose a steam generator with a soleplate that evenly distributes the steam over the fabric as you iron. Even application of steam means that all areas below the surface of the iron are treated with steam. This effectively removes wrinkles and lines from your clothes.

The steady and powerful steam production is very effective for vertical vaporization of curtains, drapes and hanging clothes.

Stainless steel sole and precision tip

The stainless steel soles have unparalleled glide on fabrics and if anything sticks or burns on their surface, they are easy to clean. Precision tip narrowing gives you better maneuverability around garment details.

Stainless steel soles are preferred over coated ironing plates, as they can be damaged if scorched or scorched and cleaning often results in deterioration of the coating. This can ultimately cause snags to the fabrics and also creates uneven heat on the iron and the risk of further burns.

Anti-lime cleaning function

An anti-lime cleaning system will help extend the life of your iron. With a steam generator, especially if it is used frequently, this build-up is inevitable, which is why this additional feature is such a great advantage.

The accumulation of minerals in a steam iron is usually the cause of iron aging and eventual degradation. There are ways to avoid this by cleaning your device as recommended in the user manual or by using distilled water.

Automatic shutdown system

If you're worried about forgetting or breaking your steam generator, invest in a machine that will give you extra peace of mind. If the iron accidentally drops or stays on, it will automatically turn off to prevent the risk of overheating or evenfire. This is an essential feature in homes with children where curious fingers pull on almost everything.

An automatic lock is also useful to prevent the iron from falling off its base when being moved or stored.

Ergonomic design

Consider the actual weight of the steam generator. If you plan on ironing for longer, handling a heavy iron will tire you out more quickly. The length of the power cord, as well as the steam hose, should be sufficient to allow you to move around freely without a hitch.

The resting position on the base unit also allows the iron to sit comfortably. You will find it much softer on your wrist.

The ironing board you use should be large and stable enough to accommodate the machine. It can even be placed outside on a laundry rack.

Quick heat-up time

One of the most important characteristics of a steam plant is the heat-up time. It goes without saying that you invest in one of these devices to save the time in order to achieve quality ironing. You must therefore pay special attention to the heating time of the iron. Most high-end steam generators usually heat up in 2 to 3 minutes. However, some models take more than 5 minutes to heat up.

You are now ready for your purchase and get the best device on the market!

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