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A word of advice: plan ahead and rent a car in Costa Rica

You should know that to get around during a trip to Costa Rica, there is nothing like independence. You can acquire this by renting a car, so you will be free to explore the landscapes of the whole country, even the most remote and less accessible. It is important to take into account that buses and other public transport do not serve certain areas of the country, and you will have to follow a group, which may not be your primary goal.

Anticipating allows you to take advantage of the best offers

costa rica tripIf we recommend that you reserve your future vehicle in advance, it is quite simply because by doing it at the last moment, you could well end up with a car unsuitable for your needs. Indeed, to move on the roads or even the tracks of Costa Rica, it is better to rent a 4X4, this will prevent you from being too shaken on the trails that sometimes act as roads. A 4X4 is not necessarily a big motorized machine, there are small ones that are perfectly suited to accommodate two people, for example, but it is better to rent one in any case.

By renting your vehicle in advance, you will be able to take advantage of promotional offers or simply official and basic rates. Keep in mind that the law of supply and demand is also rife in Costa Rica, which means that during the peak season many people are looking to rent an insufficient number of vehicles. Rental companies take the opportunity to drive up prices and your vacation can cost you dearly.

The weather, the key factor during your trip to Costa Rica

Yes renting a car in Costa Rica 4X4 type is recommended, it is not only because the roads and tracks are in bad condition. It should also be noted that the weather can sometimes be changeable, and the roads are then flooded in a few minutes. If you are traveling in a simple sedan, you will simply have to stop or turn around while a car with four-wheel drive can pull out in the middle of the ponds on the roadway.

A preventive rental that will put you at ease

Some are betting to go to Costa Rica without having made a reservation in advance for their future car. In the end, they find themselves paying an astronomical sum because the rental companies take advantage of their ignorance of prices to inflate the latter, in addition to offering them vehicles that are not necessarily adapted to their needs.

Indeed, remember that the number of 4X4 ??rented in Costa Rica is much lower than the one-off demand, this means that if you want to be one of those who are successful in renting their vehicle, you must do it in advance. ! Do not be afraid to book 3 to 6 months before your departure, this will reassure you and allow you to save money!