Four vegetable oils to have in your bathroom

If you are one of those people who has realized the value of using more natural products every day, read on! It is not only in food that we can change things, eco-responsible products are also arriving in the bathroom. We often hear about the great comeback of natural soaps and essential oils. What we talk about less, however, are vegetable oils. Yet they are very useful. Here are four examples.

Arnica vegetable oil

In the event of a blow, shock or aches, arnica vegetable oil is particularly effective. This is obtained by infusing arnica flowers in sunflower oil. Arnica is a flower that grows in the mountains in spring. For starters, it has anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Used on a painful area of ??the body, it calms back pain, sprains and reduces bruising. By mixing certain essential oils with natural vegetable oil Arnica, it is possible to obtain a mixture to apply in massage in order to relieve aches after a sporting effort. But what a lot is not known about this flower is that it also has antioxidant benefits and that it helps delay the aging of the skin.

Rosehip oil

Rosehip oil is extracted from the seeds of the musk rose. It is generally used in three cases. First, to get rid of stretch marks. Indeed, it is recommended for pregnant women or people who experience a significant variation in weight. Then, for the same reasons, we can use this natural vegetable oil to reduce small scars. This is the case, for example, with those that one has after a surgical operation under celioscopy, that resulting from a delivery by cesarean section or even plastic surgery scars. Finally, the antioxidant properties of rosehip make it a very good anti-aging cream base.

Apricot oil

Extracted from the apricot kernel, this vegetable oil is your best beauty asset in your bathroom. This ingredient is found in most cosmetics for its conditioning qualities. Thanks to apricot vegetable oil, you will quickly give your skin a real youthful look. You feel like you are looking tired and you need a boost. Now is a great time to try this oil. It can be applied alone, mixed with essential oils or as a mask with real apricot puree.

Sweet almond oil

If you were to have only one vegetable oil in your home, this is the one to choose. Sweet almond oil is very fluid and has little odor. This makes it an excellent basis for preparation for skin application. This oil is very gentle on the skin and above all very moisturizing. For example, it is the one recommended to relieve the effects of radiation therapy. It is also used to make relaxing massage oil preparations. If you have dry, itchy skin, it will become a very moisturizing base in your DIY cream recipe. In winter, it will relieve chapped lips and hands.