Floor sanding: a technique for working on hardwoods

Previously, sanding a floor required long preparation before bringing in professionals. Indeed, the dust caused by this type of operation was such that all the furniture had to be protected under large covers so as not to damage them. Today, new techniques are used that allow companies to intervene in a short period of time, leaving few traces after their passage.

Why sand the floor?

Over time, it is possible that your floor will lose its beauty, tarnish or even take the ravages of the various daily passages. Traces may appear, more or less conspicuous marks that it is necessary to camouflage. Rather than laying rugs across your entire room to hide messes, consider sandblasting. One by one, all the slats will regain their original shine. The varnish will be removed thanks to the polishing carried out by various papers.

If you use a company that has recent machines, you won't have to clean up the dust left by the sandblasting, a machine will do it for you. In addition, the amount of hardwood lost will be minimal because the devices do not damage the floor deeply, they just smooth it on the surface in order to lose as little material as possible.

A multi-step operation

Before embarking on this project, it will be necessary to make a visit to assess the work surface and prepare a quote. You will then be able to see the scope of the work. On the business side, it can prepare the necessary material, especially in the case of a specific wood.

The first pass will be made with coarse-grained paper fixed on a specific electric machine: a sandblaster. The goal is to remove the most important traces by leveling the floor. Varnish and other materials will be removed to restore your floor to its original appearance. You can apply a protective coating once the sanding is complete.

The second pass will be done using a medium grain paper, to begin to polish the ground, to smooth it. It is important to move the sandblaster regularly. If it had to be left in one place for too long, a hollow would start to form.

Finally, fine grain paper is used to give your floor its best look. It will appear like new and will be able to live for many more years. It is all the delicacy and measure put into the professional's gestures that give the floor this brilliant and authentic look.

It is possible tosand the floor on different models. The slats can be straight or mosaic, only the direction of sanding will be different. The first should be done in the direction of the light, the second in the diagonal of the slats. Anyone who will be challenged to age your floor is sure to be wrong after all of the sanding is done.