Damaged hair: how to take care of it?

To take care of your hair, there is nothing better than using natural hair masks. It is also necessary to adopt good gestures such as avoiding regular colorings or applying very high temperatures to the hair.

Damage to hair can be difficult to deal with. But don't despair. There are hair care adapted and some specific treatments to help you restore splendor to your hair. If you are interested in learning more about these treatments, you may be interested in the following.

Avoid coloring and heat

the hair coloring is not bad in itself. It's the regular use of hair dye that is bad. Indeed, colored hair tends to weaken more quickly. If you like to change the color, it is better to do it occasionally.

Gentle temperatures should also be applied to the hair. Do not panic. It's not about getting rid of all your hair accessories.

If you are used to using a hairdryer, for example, opt for cold drying if it has this feature.

This also applies to hair straighteners and curling irons. When using these devices, use the lowest temperature possible.

Hair masks

The masks for damaged hair effectively repair damaged hair. This solution can also be considered as a preventive approach to treating the hair. There are many hair masks on the market made by major cosmetic brands. If you don't feel like using chemicals containing chemicals, you can go for green beauty products. They are made from natural products.

There is another alternative to all of these commercial products: homemade masks. Contrary to what you may think, making homemade hair masks is not that complicated. The ingredients are mostly used in everyday life. These are aloe vera, eggs, avocado, banana, lemon ...

Which shampoos to use to fight against damaged hair?

Regular shampooing is not recommended when the hair is dry and damaged. This is because shampoos tend to remove sebum from the hair. However, sebum protects the hair and gives it shine.

Fortunately, there are shampoos that are suitable for the situation. Opt for shampoos that are composed of fatty acids, oils or essential fatty acids. Avoid shampoos that produce suds.

To apply shampoo, brush your hair well and then wash it in cold water. Then apply the shampoo to the hair. Do not rub the hair too vigorously. After rinsing, you can apply conditioner.

Apart from these tips, you can also try new hairstyles like the high bun (top knot). It conceals the tips of your damaged hair.

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