Compare to better choose your energy supplier

Apart from EDF and Engie, historical suppliers, other suppliers of electricity and gas offer interesting services. The market offers are therefore multiple and allow consumers to freely choose the packages that meet their needs. However, to be sure to make the right choice, the use of a comparator is essential.

The interest of a comparator of energy suppliers

With open competition for energy suppliers, the deals all claim to be the best. However, the formulas are not equal, whether it is for an offer ofpro electricity or for individuals. The ideal electricity contract is one that meets the needs of the household in terms of energy consumption.

Taking two elements into account when comparing allows you to reduce your bill: the amount of the subscription and the price per kWh. However, these prices are roughly the same, with a few differences, for all providers. The latter apply regulated tariffs, which change every month for gas and twice a year for electricity.

It should be noted that there are other prices that may vary by region, especially gas, hence the importance of the postcode in the use of an energy supplier comparator. The comparison tool makes it possible to compare several elements, including quality of service, price trends and "green" offers. The latter concern green or renewable energies, which are increasingly sought after in energy conversion. The interest of a comparator is therefore to be able to choose a subscription adapted to its needs, but also to subscribe to an offer that respects the environment.

The information needed to compare energy suppliers

The consumer's profile makes it possible to determine his energy needs. Information like address and average consumption (annual estimate according to invoice) allow access to a comparative table according to habits. Other clues help refine the search, such as the type of pricing and the meter power. Sorting also varies according to the search criteria: electricity, gas, both, current address or that of the new home, etc.

It is also possible to estimate energy expenditure based on the type of accommodation, the number ofoccupants, the area (in m²) or the type of energy used daily (heating, cooking and hot water). Once the appropriate offer has been defined, all that remains is to change supplier. Contrary to popular belief, since the customer is not bound by any commitment to their current supplier, the latter can terminate their contract at any time.