Choose your dresser


As its name suggests, the china cabinet is originally intended to accommodate crockery and must therefore logically find its place in a kitchen or dining room. However, fashions have evolved and today this piece of furniture can very well be found in an entrance or even a bathroom or a bedroom. Having become a storage unit like any other, the dresser is now an integral part of our interior decorations with an ever-expanding range of styles. To choose the right dresser, however, there are a few tips that we give you here.

The dresser as a decorative piece of furniture

What generally characterizes a china cabinet is its dual function: between a window visible to all in the upper part and a closed storage space in the lower part. It is also most often equipped with drawers to accommodate cutlery, placemats or small objects that we do not really know what to do (candles, napkin rings, knife holders, etc.)

We may therefore be tempted to favor functionality to the detriment of the general appearance and it would be a shame as this piece of furniture currently exists in totally different styles. You will indeed find on the market, and in particular on websites such as, both designer products in metal and raw wood for an industrial look as well as more classic china cabinets with weathered woods for a country or seaside look.

Many manufacturers also offer to make your furniture to measure so that it corresponds exactly to the dimensions of a wall or to a ceiling height.

The criteria for choosing a good dresser

If there is no real rule in this matter, the most important thing is to first define the room that will accommodate the dresser and the use for which it will be intended.If you want to transform a dresser into an office piece of furniture, it will be necessary to ensure its robustness and more particularly the solidity of its shelves.Paper, like porcelain, weighs a lot and it is therefore essential to make sure that the various interior shelves will support without breaking whatever you want to put on them.The shelves and a metal structure will therefore be preferred for both robustness and a less domestic aspect.

Many collectors also use the dresser as a display case for their favorite objects. Opting for a high glazed part will then be a wise choice to protect them from dust. The most sophisticated pieces of furniture will also be equipped with lighting to further highlight their content and give an often appreciable touch of indirect light in the evening to create a cozy atmosphere.

Finally, the arrangement of the compartments as well as their depth are the last selection criteria to take into account in order to choose the right dresser. Some also welcome baskets that will act as tote or many drawers in the lower part to place, for example, household linen.